Team India " The Lion Hearts" | Marvelous Performance against Australia | Shoaib Akhtar | SP1N

Shoaib Akhtar

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    Team India " The Lion Hearts" | Marvelous Performance against Australia | Shoaib Akhtar | SP1N
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    1. Karan Karan

      East or west India is the best


      Dushman se sunna tareef jyada maja ata hai

    3. MOSKOV

      After celebration 😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️

    4. abhinav das

      You were ryt sir INDIA won❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. Tank Tikka

      Nikal Gajwa -e- Hind ke keede. Dogala Express.

    6. MITHUN playlist

      Your words came true... Love from India

    7. Dr. Vivek Narayane

      Aaj ke match ke review ka intezar rahega

    8. Anurag Das

      Ab bol soheb akthar Phenti phenti laga de na india

    9. VEER S

      Waiting for your VLOG ! India Wins the Series ❤️

    10. VEER S

      Waiting for your VLOG on 4th Test ! As you said "India Australia ko Ragda laga dega" I guess that will be happening today ❤️ 228-3 , More 100 to Win !

    11. prince Raman

      aaj india jeet jayega toh videoe me dhamaka hona chaiye sohaib sir i m waiting for ur video

    12. Kumar Abhishek Mishra

      I am from India and also Hindu but I like shoaib I am expecting like from akhtar sir 🎉🙏🏻

    13. yogesh pant


    14. Mohammed Muzaffar

      #Shoaib A ..ab tho ap b agree karliye ki,Hum indians sab pey bhari hai..proud to be an Indian.

    15. DARK SOUL

      Bhai ab bhi pakistnai ko india me entry nahi hai

      1. DARK SOUL

        Tumhe india me business nahi milega

    16. Raju singh

      I am big fan of the way you presenting thing in idea conditions. But when I saw your #Gazwaehind speech I feel your thoughts also look like redical thought.

    17. princess bhavika

      Your are Pakistani but tell good thing about India rival country this is real legend love sir from India

    18. Bilal Hussain

      Outstanding shoaib sir

    19. Gurashish Singh

      India "mathe" lagya australia de third word of punjabi added in his vocabulary after "phainta" and "ragda"!!!

    20. maulik dave

      Pehle Austraia ne India ko pakda fir India ne Australia ko pakda😀


      No India Pakistan only hindustan

    22. Harsh Lad

      Love from 🇮🇳

      1. Shoaib Akhtar

        Love you too bro. Harsh Lad !

    23. Hritesh Chakraborty

      Love from India.. shoib Akhtar .. the fastest bowler of the world..

      1. Shoaib Akhtar

        Love you too bro. Hritesh Chakraborty !

    24. ravi chandra

      Good to see the feedback and comments from Shoaib and inzy bhai.👍

      1. Shoaib Akhtar

        Thank you for your feedback ravi chandra . please dont forget to like our video and subscribe to our channel for new videos and updates,

    25. Gopal Gk

      Love you bro. From India

      1. Shoaib Akhtar

        Love you too bro. Gopal Gk !

    26. tanish tmc05

      Such a gem of a person u r sirf❤️👍

      1. Shoaib Akhtar

        Thank you for your feedback tanish tmc05 . please dont forget to like our video and subscribe to our channel for new videos and updates,

    27. jet Park

      This is respect from Sohaib Sir. Thanks for your kind words

    28. vivek tiwari

      Chutya sale Bina penni

    29. Jannat

      Chutiya...India se le le views...Aa gya aukat pr

    30. Vandana Jat

      Kab se start karega gajwa e hind chutiye jaldi kr we are waiting...

    31. Shrikant Mundu

    32. venkypenky

      Could you also please upload videos in Full HD & 4K 😊 Thanks

    33. Amol Thorat

      Who the heck cares about your jihadi opinion? In an interview you want to destroy my country & on the other hand you want to earn from youtube with views of my countrymen. How hypocritical you are. Have some shame.

    34. Sonjoy Das

      Thanks Shoab bai, it's really nice to see you always on good comment. Miss you a lot when you, Viru play together back of the days. Miss you all guys, love you brother

    35. maahi QUEEN


    36. SDG

      Your wish for Gazwa e Hind and occupying Kashmir will be nullified like this. 🚩🏹

    37. Manju Devi

      Gazwa e baluchistaan ka time hai... Gajwa e baluchistaan ki trh...

    38. Hitansh Chadha

    39. Faisal Dar

      Nice 👌

      1. Shoaib Akhtar


    40. manoranjan ssc

      Luv u from India

    41. prince kumar

      From tranding

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    44. Nishant Kumar

      369 bhi aaj hogya bhaijaan

    45. मराटी All in one


    47. Kuldeep mishra

      Big Fan of your personality thanks for appreciating indian team #technokaydee

    48. Hui Li

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    49. Neel Banerjee

      Love from Kolkata ❤️

    50. Neel Banerjee


    51. Neel Banerjee

      You know the whole facility of India after 2010 is and will be the best but the test he was talking bout in kolkata ❤️🙄 Dude those were the days🙏🏻 I mean honestly watching this man bowl was a TREAT❤️🙏🏻 I WAS STARSTRUCK WHEN HE JOINED KKR❤️ I ALWAYS HAD THE DREAM OF HIM PLAYING FOR US❤️

    52. Sarvesh Kushwaha

      tu bdi India ki tarif karta hai Gazw E Hind nhi krna kya😂

    53. S K

      🇮🇳 will retain the Border Gavaskar trophy if they end with a Draw in 4th test Brisbane .

    54. S K

      Aisey hi 🇮🇳 top 3 mein nahi hai rankings mein ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    55. Amit Guleria

      I will kick your ass for sure

    56. Sanjeev Mishra

      Love from India we miss u ......tufan apke Jane ke bad tham sa gaya ..kahar the aap

    57. Gone Crazy

      You can be best described as 'Jis taraf barish, uss taraf chhatri'

    58. navin kumar

      Fhenta 😂

    59. Mirmohammed Alikhan

      Bhai jaan I meet u in uae in mall of emirates in foodcode and v have lunch together bhai I am following u from very long time and I love you runup

    60. ऋषि दुर्भाषण

      India Ke Upar Video Banao Aur View Lekar Jao😂

    61. Vihaan H

      what a man too good !tail-under lol

    62. Rahul Raj

      कमेट्री किया करो यार

    63. Ashish Dwivedi

      Jb sehwag 309 mar rha tha tb kitni bouncers dali thi akhtar ji .


      Let us credit sir RAHUL DRAVID for creating such bench strength

    65. S. Raut

      Remember your words you spoke after first test.Indian will always remember whenever they will see you in future.

    66. Utkarsh Kumar

      What about Gazwa-e-Hind Choaib miyan?

    67. OP GAMING YT


    68. Meeshu Miglani

      Nice video, keep it up Guys. Ek hor nava song aaya hai JATT FIRE by zaffar & Gurlez Akhtar, lyrics by vicky daliwal and mind blowing model Mahi Sharma. Do watch the video plz...🙏🙏

    69. Amandeep Singh


    70. Joe Kumar

      Love for Bangalore SA..

    71. ForMeTo Watch

      Should try to draw next match rather than win

    72. ForMeTo Watch

      Gift to Rahul Dravid Birthday 🎉

    73. ForMeTo Watch

      India ❤️

    74. Mr Lucifer

      Yeh toh sirf match hai tum log Gaza e hind karne aao tab tumhare gaand ke 4tukda kardenge aur joh ghoda chad ke aayga na jaega ghoda uske upar baith ke😂😂😂😂😂

    75. Waqar Qais

      Aaj kal itni videos Pakistan par nai banti jatni india par banti

    76. Waqar Qais

      India ka elwa koi team nai hay jis say views aye

    77. KS Bhailwal

      Good bhai

    78. Maya K Flux

      This guy doesn't even watch the cricket nor read the game properly.. Just talks stuff to raise emotions for his channel. Theres plenty of quality options for instance Ashwin's channel, Adam Collins, among many other's

    79. Prajapati

      It's पंत not पंट okay

    80. Dipak Khode


    81. vaibhav kumar

      Shoib bhai apke bowling Ko bahut copy Kia hai maine


    83. Commander Dudi

      Kasmir magega to chir dege

    84. Dheeraj RAJ

      Hey akhtar Bhai Love from India from haryana Ur word is remarkable.pcb is really chutiya who is not using this talent yaar Fucking pcb

    85. Shahnawaz Hakim

      Thank u Sohaib sir❤️

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      Waise bhi Pakistan ke liye bolne ko kuch nhi toh Indian🇮🇳 team pr hi video bnakr kma lo bhai... Support hit like button 👇👇👇

    87. Prad G

      This guy talks about ghazwa e hind and Indians are giving him millions of views.

    88. Ravikant Yadav

      Tum salo india pe video kyu bnate ho

    89. mehul gupta

      Pakistan team ke baar me kya raai hai aap ki

    90. Manish Chouhan

      Indian cricketar always best

    91. Mohd Athar

      Hi Shoaib

    92. Amitabh Sharma

      Love From India ❤

    93. Gamer AJ

      Hello sir

    94. Kamil Vahora

      Shoaib bhai I have a lot ofrespect for you but you always criticized Pakistan cricketers special when under management in misbah Wasim Akram he is Sam issue because other side is waqar what is your problems India never give you any work . Just remember in your mind bhai god bless you

    95. Salooo Bhai

      Waiting for new video for pak selection squad for test.

    96. mir Xiyan

      love from IOK

    97. abhinandan dutta roy

      Love and respect @shoaib bhai ....such honest and true feedback....keep making more videos....🤟🤟

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      Love from INDIA ❤️❤️

      1. yash jain

        Thanks “Legend” 🙏

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        Love you too bro. yash jain !

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