From Zero to 10 Million ft. Depression, Anxiety and Failures

Triggered Insaan

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    A Big Thanks to @ashish chanchlani vines @Mythpat @GingerLad @DhiruMonchik @Kal ka Londa @Fukra Insaan @Wanderers Hub @Wajahat Hasan @Dimple's Kitchen @Frustrated Pallav @ABHI9AV @Hasley India @Rachitroo @Team Vitality and all the Fan Pages. I know I might regret posting this video.
    10M Song By @Aditya Rikhari
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    About Me ► My name is Nischay Malhan. I'm from Delhi and I'm an engineering student. Now I am pursuing youtube Full Time. I make family friendly clean comedy videos on this channel for everyone to enjoy with their family. You don't need earphones to watch my videos😂
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    1. Triggered Insaan

      Sad karne ke liye sorry, I'll be back to posting mast mast videos next vid se. Thank you for giving so much love❤


        Bhai i was litrely cried 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 But this your comment make lauhfer😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Sheikh Bilal

        Hmat rk

      3. Aamish Azeem

        Heyyy So. i met theflyingbeast a few days ago at a mall!... Rashu was cuter in real life and sir was extremely humble!.. I've uploaded a video showing how i met him .. it's on my youtube channel.. do watch it! Love y'all

      4. Drawing with Ashra

        aap Hamen apni family Kahate to Fir sorry Kyon Keh rahe ho aapki mehnat Hamen Di gai hai cmy name is ashra congrats for 10 million

      5. Ayush Sharma

        Same bro 😭😭😭😭 i m in class 12 now and everyone bullied me because i have no beared till now...😞😞😞😞😞

    2. Golden champs Vlog

      477 hogaye thanks 500karvadoo❤️


      You are my inspiration, although I don't want to become a PAmostr but still your life story tells us how to overcome depression and anxiety, Salute to you bro👏

    4. Arindom Dutta

      You are not like other PAmostrs. When other PAmostrs reach 1 million or 2 million they show off but you told your hearts word. I felt very imotional while watching this video. Those who have told you that you looks like girl now when they will watch this video now they will understand they they Did a big blunder by depressing you. You are so honest,friendly and lovely and chicken leg peice chicken leg peice. Just forget those old memories and think you achieved a dream ........I am a 12 years old girl I don't know what to write about you so I wrote everything that was in my heart .....

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      this guy has taken my heart ❤️ ❤️


      Congratulations bhaiya 🎉

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      bhai tum ne bohot strugle kiya yar

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      i realy cry after listing her

    11. Bhanupratap Singh

      how could the relative say some thing about the cool young boy.

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      bro ignor kiya kr bato ko

    13. MD. AYAN - 8A

      op bro congratulation for 10 milion

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      Please apna number mujhe de de ek bar mujhse baat Kar lijiye cal main Sharif FIR uske bad are main aapko kabhi phone nahin

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      from now on he is my idol. he work so hard to become who he is today.

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      he started his channel on my 4th birthday

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      You Are My Favourite You Tuber Ever And Forever^_^

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      For 10 M

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      You can be indian no 1 PAmostr ❤❤

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      I cried after watching this

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      Damn ❤️❤️❤️🔥 so happy to hear the whole story

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        Esca op

    23. Xavier

      You are the living example for people who wants to follow their passion but fear because of receiving "failure". Congrats for 10 MILLION army🎁🥇

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      Super 👍👍👍👍

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      1. Do everything with sonu


      2. Do everything with sonu


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      Ye song tony kakar k carrier se achchi thi

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      Triggered bhai do not feel bad about it haters do this we all love you

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      Nice trigger bai 💗💖

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      Love you nischay Bhai I love you bro and I want to see you🤩🥰🥰

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      Storytime video


      Story time


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      apki struggle story sunkar 😥😰

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      Hello , Nischay bhaiya. I am Vaishnavi , I am 12 years old . And I like to watch your videos very much . I also watch fukra insaan channel , wanderers hub channel and your live insaan channel . Dimple's kitchen channel . Please can I get a heart from you .

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      Please roast a song "SEETI MAAR"

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      The line "Nischay became triggered insaan" really hit me hard❤️

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    60. It's Syed mehar


    61. It's Syed mehar


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      This guy never fails to impress others, especially when we are going through this tough situation


      Anyone notice that triggered insaan ki shirt Arman Malik se matching h😂😂

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      Nischay be like :- bitch im big gangsta 💀🤙🥺💞

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    79. Sai Samyakk

      hello nsichay bhaiiya even i have the same problem bro i face the same problems in school everyone teases me like i just punched a guy i was suspended from school for 1 month and i had no classes i failed in exam too in 5th like school pepol just failed me mai accha hi likha tha meri exam ki paper per mujhe fail kardiya gaya tha i had to change my school i got good friends in that school so i am fine with those friends and school i still face those problems from senior now i am going to 8th still meri voice bahut chote ladkonka voice jesa hai seniors bahuth chidate hai i just wanted tell my feelings to you but my parents know that i have this kind of problem and i am taking medications 😢😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤ hats off to you nischay bhaiiya you are my inspiration love you nischay bhai 😘😘😘😘 keep smiling 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕

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