I broke my finger! 😨 (Behind the scenes) 😂 #shorts

Dan Rhodes

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    This one is crazy!

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    1. Supervision V1

      Like they couldn’t see ur mouth move

    2. The boss

      Is this real

    3. Arbaz Khan

      Tara baap na banaya hai video

    4. Liyah Mommy

      What The hell is wrong with you dude

    5. Restoration Kh

      Wow good

    6. Greisi Santiago

      eso esenbuste

    7. Liana Muresan


    8. Nick La Fave

      It still looks fake even know he’s making a video about it saying it’s fake

    9. Kim mily

      Nosa boa pegadinha

    10. Dushinee Rungasamy


    11. ArmyJames 0731

      bruv we can see you crunching its not gonna fool us

    12. FF pro desi gamer

      He the type of guy who eats chocolates before going to bed to have sweet dreams

    13. MJ LEGEND23

      Lol thats so creative

    14. Manon zhou

      But there's music tho so ....

    15. Rodney Diale

      How did you bend your hand

    16. Jesica Pintos

      Que no en tiendo in glis mierda de Jen de subir videos de inglis

    17. Pippop Lipop

      I hate you in my opinion

    18. DJscooch

      But how is the hammer fake? I feel like it would hurt no matter what it's made of. Unless it's rubber or foam which it dosent look like it is Also why is everybody stealing comments from other videos and saying 'he's the type of guy' it's really not funny

    19. SONU

      Over acting

    20. dreamzy_

      Wait HOWS UT FAKE?

    21. Sukhi Khatun


    22. Camila Barros

      O vídeo ta com áudio com e que vai facultar o barulho do macarrão

    23. Kathleen Mettbach


    24. Albert Limpiado


    25. roselle ty

      Somebody can just see your mouth crunching

    26. ريم عمرو

      بايخ جدا

    27. Trang Ngo

      Fake finger

    28. Trang Ngo

      Meow fake only fake

    29. Trang Ngo

      I see it haha Stupid joke Fake .I know it. I will call police

    30. Jian Yung Wai


    31. Suvd Khongorzul


    32. Deepti Shukla


    33. Gathan Pratama


    34. raj kumar


    35. Jessy Laser


    36. ngimi sherpa


    37. Ika Yulia


    38. Landin Thompson

      Your not magic

    39. Imoncontroller-_-

      I don’t See hin chewing and „crk crk crk“ i don’t Hear it Bro wtf

    40. The Man

      you can see that he’s cruncking

    41. Duuya Ganaa


    42. Sudeepthi Padmaja

      Hi where are from

    43. Rashmi Arya


    44. Win Tun Aung


    45. Mia Extra

      Can we hear it😌

    46. Kloe Ebio

      why is he applauding the food when his voice can't be heard with the music on the tiktok?😭🤘

    47. Tyler Thomas

      Reminds me of the kids who says "what about homework?" When the teacher for gets

    48. I’m Obsessed with him

      “Taking alcohol while pregnant wouldn’t hurt the child” The child:

    49. Zaid Nooman

      انتة تصور تيك توك

    50. Idajop Kharbuli

      Is he being sarcastic or sum ?

    51. Ellieplays da graca

      Uh lol

      1. sekar ayuN

        Aku adiknya ria ricis

      2. sekar ayuN

        Kamu artis apa nggak

    52. Georgia Portelli

      That’s lame

    53. Shirlene Machado de Oliveira

      Até parésse que não da para vê a boca dele se meche

    54. Candra Eka Prasetya

      how do ya look

    55. Ojashree Patil

      Happy birthday 🎂🎂??🎁🎁🎀🎀🎉🎉🎈🎈📱📱📲

    56. Leyla Zalova

      qoxdum 😨😲😆😱👍👍

    57. Concepcion Serna Sepulveda

      Hoigan disculpa que es fake es que no hablo mucho ingled

    58. SUMANT RAJ

      Bkk re pglaaa

    59. Winning smile Duckboi

      i like you

    60. Omarleen

      He was doing himself that to break his finger

    61. Wylker 24


    62. Келгеналиева Каныкей.

      Да стал ты уже

    63. michelle Collado

      The fact that you can literally see him chew

    64. Takit SilverBeltt—

      Hes the type of person to go to taco bell and ask for a whopper



    66. ALL IN ONE rishabh

      He is the type of guy who sleeps infront of mirror to see himself sleeping.

    67. Rolando Cervantes


    68. BigMonkey

      Why is everyone always saying he’s the type of guy. He’s the type of guy to be labeled the type of guy i guess.

    69. Estefany Mejía

      Tururú de los hijos y nietos 756

    70. Yoman Andyo

      Like we saw you chew my nigga

    71. Yui

      He the type of person to sleep with the lights on and no covers

    72. Destiny Hernandez

      That is fake

    73. Pandu Permana7

      Jangan pernah mencobaini di Rumah

      1. ARIL RIDWAN


    74. ابتسام التميمي

      اص بس 🏳️‍🌈🤮🤢🤮🤮🇸🇦🇰🇼💞🌸♥️😘


      Bro why is the hammer 🔨 is to be fake no sense

    76. the coolest channel on YouTube

      DAS FAKE

    77. mrs lingping

      him: 😆😬😆😬

    78. Tomas Lizardo

      What What kind of People are you

      1. Tomas Lizardo

        You will Trick to some one

    79. Tanner Wilson

      He sounds like morgz

    80. Dorcas Cobos


    81. C H

      You can see him chewing

    82. Kenneth Harris

      You did not hit you’re hand

      1. Kenneth Harris


      2. Kenneth Harris

        He sucks that’s no magic

    83. Kimberly pace family show Pace


    84. unapersonaNORRMAL

      A no un máster troll, uf creíble pero mal, uff nadie se va a dar cuenta que moviste la mandíbula, o que el sonido de esos fideos no se parece en absolutamente nada a un hueso.

    85. Lois Keen

      Don't you dare bring mother mother into this

    86. arianna gudiño

      Ufff me la creí

    87. Silvia Amaya Galdos

      Me la crei😂😂

    88. Evelyn G

      I swear to god, if I hear him use Burning Pile by Mother Mother one more I’m going to make a burning pile myself

    89. Gacha _ Nuggie fan


    90. K Donathan


    91. Jesse’s Themes

      He’s just cringed-

    92. MOHA aborik


    93. Oninye Amobi


    94. Rayyan Sonu

      Here we go 😂😂

    95. نور الزهراء

      ج ٦حهظلطجلطزةؤظزى٩قج٢كنر

    96. نور الزهراء


    97. Elver Antonio Guevara cespedes

      Es faslo