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    Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on Saxony, part of the former East Germany, remains a secret to most travelers. We’ll visit the two great cities of the region: the capital city of Dresden, with the opulent palaces and art treasures of the Wettin dynasty, and Leipzig, with its Bach heritage, a massive monument to the day Europe beat Napoleon, and museums remembering its communist heritage.
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    1. DarkTagMaster

      I don't think this is a stretch, but......we would have been better off, maybe, if Napolean was NOT stopped in Germany

    2. Tim Summers

      I love the history of Europe from the 1700s through the end of the 1800s!!! I love the aristocracy, the Royal Families, the wars, the conquests, and the colonization period too!

    3. Jan Andersen

      Quite amazed to see how pretty parts of that city has become, remember driving through Dresden sometime in the 1990's and it was just so ugly and grey and brown everywhere....

    4. Daniel's UK Transport videography

      two beautiful cities in the former eastern germany with so much history thanks for uploading i will watch more of your documentaries

    5. Carl Eckhardt

      Some of my dads family were from Leipzig, this would make a very interesting place to visit.

    6. Dr. Wilfried Hitzler

      Mr. Steves, you advertise our country in a very kind and correct manner. Congratulations.

    7. Correct Jorb

      I wasn't actually expecting my profit from Austin today.too good to be true but I just earn from Austin platform..

    8. RL Expedition

      Our inspiration of our travels, thank you @Rick Steve!!!

    9. Mac Matarieh

      The substantial dibble promisingly confuse because alley laparoscopically squash worth a overwrought dolphin. old, faded grass

    10. Тамара 1

      Добрый день Германия !.Боже мой !...,какая архитектура ,неужели это возможно ?.На конец то ,я вижу то что ,всегда хотела увидеть !.Очень сказочная и позитивная страна !. Желаю тебе ,моя любимая Германия ,дальнейшего процветания !. С любовью из России !.

    11. ZEUS gamer

      Ah meine stadt

    12. LamiNalchor

      Dresden is much more beautiful.

    13. Streng Geheim

      Nicht 25.000,sondern über 200.000 Menschen wurden hier ermordet!!

    14. autistic monkey

      Gets into an ICE in Dresden. Comes out of Regiobahn in Leipzig. Coincidence? *I think ausgefallene Klimaanlage in Wagen 3*

    15. Dresden Nicole

      * My name being “Dresden” * 👁👄👁

    16. Maurine Ramos

      Hmmmm.... What's in Rick's backpack?? I would like to know

    17. Donovan Downes


    18. Bob Sagget

      I want my freedom back

    19. Thomas Deverell

      Very interesting, thanks. Although pronouncing German names like Zwinger in an English manner sounds a little bit odd.

    20. World's countries دول العالم

      please watch my video about Germany and all countries through my channel

    21. Haroon Taheri

      ماشاءاللہ بہت ہی خوبصورت شہر ہے جرمنی کا میرا تعلق پاکستان سے ہے مگر مجھے جرمنی بہت ہی اچھا لگتا ہے 🇵🇰🇵🇰

    22. beauceronmeetspon

      I´m German, but I was never in the east of Germany.

    23. •Abigail Lizeth•

      Völkerschlachtdenkmal it was a copy of napoleon's tomb!

    24. Maria Tischler

      Thanks from Budapest.

    25. 3506Dodge

      It's springtime for......

    26. Антонина Тунева


    27. i n

      Elbflorenz ❤ Nicest City in Germany!

    28. Cyber Hermit

      More than 25,000 died

      1. Streng Geheim

        Mehr als 200.000.

    29. Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela

      OMG, how enthusiastic of this guy....kind of creepy.

    30. Homayoun Tahbazfar

      Hi Rick. How to say thanks to you to bring the world inside our homes during pandemic. Watching one of your vids has become a daily routine habit of mine. Great choices, Genuine info, high quality photography and nice music and ... Thanks a lot and god bless you. Demian

    31. vanH SS

      2:53 In a letter from the Dresden city administration July 31, 1992 it says literally: "According to reliable information from the Dresden police, 202,040 dead, mostly women and children, had been recovered by March 20, 1945. Including the missing, a number of 250,000 to 300,000 victims should be realistic. "

    32. Tobi

      Fun Fact: the Frauenkirche wasn’t hit by a bomb. The church only collapsed because of the extreme heat in the city after the bombings and fires.

    33. Ann Deakin

      Leipzig was bombed to the floor renewal take place and reminders of communists era .StNicholas church a church built as a place of peace.

    34. Ronald Chieron

      Good old times 2017 ! Now 90% you see in this video is shut down. No more museums, theaters, concerts, festivals, restaurants, shops. No enjoyable public transportation anymore. Nightly curfew. What has happened to our world? We will get something back eventually but it will never be the same again. "New normal" as our government calls it.

    35. Ann Deakin

      Dresden. And river as Coventry renewed from the War city’s renewal after the.1945 war,both have renewed but remember the loss in this war will we remember war not the final answer to pease for all.?

    36. Lenny Grange

      In an attic of my passing parent's home I picked up a box of old photos and came upon a charming postcard picture of a beautiful city by a river photographed in 1890 and curiously wondered where in the world that idyllic place could be. I stared at it for long moments wishing history could turn back the clock. It states Dresden, a city in Germany. Someday, I hope to see it in person. ----from California.

      1. Kenneth Aitchison

        You won't be dissapointed,anytime of the year

    37. Ruslan Abu Sneineh

      During my trip through Germany in 2019 I never even considered Saxony as a destination. These days however I do wish I paid that land a visit. I will be reading more and more about it. As somebody from the former USSR, I expected to really dislike Berlin. That feeling echoed in any GDR state as well, including Saxony. Oh how wrong I was. That Napoleon war monument is just insane. Just insane...

    38. Bill Mc

      I went to Leipzig in 2019. It's become a major city in Germany even though it only has a population of around 40,000. Leipzig's culture has developed a lot since then and continues to grow today. The local football team has reached the quarters & semis of the CL in the last few years! Also whenever I order clothes from Cafepress ( it's a major online retailer clothes shop) it's made in Leipzig! Anyway, I think Leipzig & Dresden are both worth visiting if you're going on vacation to Germany

      1. Bill Mc

        @Bernd Yeah my mistake. I meant 400,000. The point I was making is compared to other major European cities i.e Istanbul, Paris, Manchester,etc , the population of Leipzig is quite low but despite Lepizig being a small city, they have beaten the likes of PSG, Manchester United & Istanbul Basaksehir in the Champions league which is an impressive achievement since Leipzig were never in the CL until recently

      2. Bernd

        40.000 ? Leipzigs population is about 560.000 inhabitants.

    39. Kellerkind 2

      In the Wes Anderson movie "Grand Budapest Hotel" is a chasing scene through the city and a museum. That scene ist shot in Dresden, in the "Zwinger".

    40. jim bim

      Боже мой, какие же Вы молодцы! Где только были красно-коричневые там обязательно все будет осквернено, станет серым и деградирующим. Но вы выгнали "освободителей" и город расцвел).

    41. Irish Italian American

      Western television? The American media which %100 was already controlled by the secrete societies they were fighting which that guy everybody doesn't like was warning everyone about? Or the Western media in Germany which at the time that group only controlled %50 of? Before he kicked them out of those industries so they couldn't have just as much control over Germany as they did and still do our Country and media influence?

    42. Michael Combs

      Rick Steves is the Bob Ross of Travel.

    43. SWX 09

      Thank you for this nice video 👍🏻

    44. 高田郁子

      I really enjoy your channel from Japan.Im watching as a good English study way. you write English text on movie, its good for me. I appreciate for you ^^ !

    45. Anna Lanciano

      Wonderful 🌄

    46. Johannes Rudloff

      by the way this saxony has nothing to do with the angle-saxons who came to the british islands 1200 Years ago and gave it the name England (land of the tribes of the saxons and angles). This saxons come from "Niedersachsen" (Lower Saxony, the real saxony ...) which is in the Center and North of Germany.


      I visited the DDR a number of times between 1966 and 1989. The people I stayed with were top doctors and surgeons. After a tip off that the Station were aware of me I booked into hotels for one night to get the Volkspolizei (Vopos) papers sorted then secretly stayed with my friends. I made friends with a girl my age (c18 in 1966) and I was able to get her some Beach Boys and Neil Diamond records right under the noses of the VolksGrenzpolizei. We were eventually able to meet in London in the 1990s. We are still in touch. I have many tales to tell but not here apart from forcing the Händelhaus in Halle/Saale to publish a guide in English as I told them that Handel became English!


        Stasi . not Station above!

    48. Lusipher StarLine-778

      no BELL bell is Lessel SelleS SZ = X = B ELL so deeper meaning StarLine industriel Lusphur Sulpher so well the person most boys want to kill then say they are

    49. Don_der_King

      Dresden ist Dynamo, scheiß RB Leipzig

    50. susan p. faust

      Some say 400,000 to 600,000 civilians died in the firebombing of Dresden in Feb,,1945 - more likely than the lower figures for the size of Dresden at that time plus the influx of refugees from the east. Churchill ordered the firebombing of Dresden - a mega war crime

    51. heraklonas

      As a Dresdener, I must confess that your documentary is just inspiring and great. You did a very good job here. Just one remark: it would have been more balanced to include also parts not at the centre of the city (Blue Wonder, Pillnitz e.g.) because many travellers also enjoy to see some nature/parks/landscape in easy reach from the city centre.

    52. Baukje 18

      I think you will terrible miss the traveling and we miss a lot of new wonderful videos...

    53. No Body

      so Feb 1945, why was that done to Dresden ?

      1. Streng Geheim

        Es sind die gleichen Verbrecher, und sie sind bis heute nicht zur Rechenschaft gezogen worden. Dieses Viehzeug! 🤮

      2. uwe in Hamburg

        Why were the bombs dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki..? Same reason..

    54. Hanna Mäkelä

      Such a lovely guy and guide! :)

    55. Golden Luck

      Please shed some light on my situation. 🎋 Good Luck House Blessings 2021🎋 SOS

    56. Sweaty fat Mike from West-Virginia

      Now we have a part of the gdr communist regime in our gouvernement! Don't forget, Merkel is still a communist inside, she destroy our country!

    57. Elbe Siedler

      Dresden is the soul of germany.

    58. Adriana Halmi

      Amazing video Rick

    59. Obbu Sumu

      strong ideology bias and prejudice ruined this video

    60. Putkis 0132

      Lukekaa kirjani: Pelkään mutta en pakene. Kiitos paljon!

    61. Anıl Uner

      I love Germany so much.

    62. ganga bhetwal

      rick steves best job bro.

    63. Daniel Kleinmeier

      Simply baffling how even the Germans have lowered the incinerated Germans from the firebombing from 500,00 down to 50,000. Mostly Catholics killed under Eisenhower’s order...

      1. Jean Valjean72

        it's npot buffiig if you take into consideraton that the FRG is a construct of the "Anglo-Saxon" winners, hence the historiography of major events in the recent past in contemporary Germany is the same as in USA/UK, that is: not German

    64. Hogan Richard

      It's phenomenal that all these relics/art work survived the austerity of the USSR and the many wars over the centuries. I can't even imagine how much these things are worth in today's money. Of course, they're worth far more for the history they preserve.

    65. Ezequiel Alvarez

      The Green Vault (Das Grüne Gewölbe) of Dresden is to die for. The exquisite beauty of the objects on display is greatly enhanced by the music playing on the background. Kudos, Rick!

    66. AK Counder

      Love Rick Steves. This is one of the few English language videos that shows Dresden in a positive light. The city is so much more than just a bombing raid and Pegida.

    67. walli

      what a sad news is the green vault was robbed in 2019.

    68. kawaii lovers25

      Subt indonesia?

    69. Ishtar Grande

      Very beautiful presentation 👍👏👏👏👏 Thanks 👍

    70. Roldan Galicia

      116 555

    71. UD2

      14:42 bottom right. Most beautiful

    72. N.S. Karanth

      Rick Stein is unique in travel vlogs, i like the most

    73. pippi Z

      I miss Dresden! Dresden vibes i cannot explain. I just love this city so much!

    74. Ann Deakin

      Leinzig a nice town with interesting museum of the war with war memorials.great cathedral and memorials.good visit to new place thanks Nick

      1. Ezequiel Alvarez

        Thanks for covering Dresden so beautifully! I feel so blessed to live here, it truly is a magnificent place

    75. Vincent Long

      Augustus the strong was not actually a king, but a duke and elector (Kurfürst). The HRE wasn't supposed to have kings, only electors and the emperor. It was Napoleon, after having dissolved the HRE, who made Saxony into a kingdom and its ruler, king.

      1. Jean Valjean72

        But Augustus became King of Poland!

    76. Андрей


    77. YU

      Dres den...! Serbian sity...!

    78. Otis Gore

      You filmed my restaurant in Leipzig! Next time you're here, drop in for a glass of Gose and an Allasch! DM me my friend. Very nice video.

    79. Johanna Sophia

      Thanks for covering Dresden so beautifully! I feel so blessed to live here, it truly is a magnificent place

    80. 윤혜원

      감사하게 잘 봤습니다!!

    81. David G O

      22:49 it took ALL of Europe plus Russia, England, to defeat the French Empire. Seven coalitions! It took all of Europe 7 tries to defeat Napoleon and the Empire. The Germans (i.e, Prussians) played a pivotal role but it was a group effort throughout the period. The French were 1 step from world domination. The Grande Armee, especially the Imperial Guard were the most fearsome, disciplined, and respected warriors the world had ever seen.

    82. David G O

      12:34 which ruler?

    83. radjinder jhagroe

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    84. Blenson Paul

      I lived there for 3 years. loved it

    85. SEAVet69

      Queen Elizabeth the Second of Great Britain and her government supplied a large portion of the funds to restore the church.

    86. john loftus


    87. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

      Dresden I visited at socialist era with my parents...awesome place 👍

    88. DCDi -

      Next to Heidelberg, Germany's two most gorgeous cities. ❤❤ I was lucky enough to visit them both lately.

    89. Brice Denium

      Was there in 2019 both cities. Thanks for the video

    90. Ian Francis Benares

      Very nice

    91. Luis Fernando Yavar


    92. hopkin hwang

      10:19Chinese vases?that looks like Bone ash jar

    93. Mountainous Port

      Venice of the Elbe.

      1. Callsign DD9LS

        Florence, not Venice (Elb-Florence). Dresden has too few canals for an Elb-Venice (lol).

    94. มะลิ มาริสา


    95. Chris Pacman

      So much of history was bombed away 😔 Now people are forgetting just how bad fascism was for both the people and infrastructure

    96. Siegfried Pretsch

      My grandmother was an organist in Dresden. After the bombing the church was destroyed as well as the organ. She did pick one of the flue pipes from one of the Prinzipal stops. It was bent and dented but still produced a sound. When I took up my first post as organist at the age of sixteen, she gave this flue pipe to me for my birthday. I still have it in a display cabinet with my collection of Steiff bears, the oldest from 1907 when she was born.

      1. Adriana Halmi

        What a beautiful story...

    97. Zeilen Zauber

      let's be honest, the turning point was 30 years ago, you still have to divide it up into east and west? we are one germany Incidentally, the Frauenkirche was only rebuilt in the 90s, until then there was only a ruin on the square

    98. Mountains

      Germans *don´t have TV, reads books* Americans: VALLEY OF THE CLUELESS!!!

    99. Nora Gyetko

      I love Rick Steves' Europe series. This is the first time I could provide a "like" and a comment. A former co-worker of mine actually visited the rebuilt Church of Our Lady - and she showed us photos; she could not stop talking about it. I love that people can come together to resurrect the beautiful centuries-old architecture that defined their cities. I especially love to see people happy again after all the persecutions and oppression they went through are gone. Wish I could travel and know several languages - just to make friends with the people I meet. And by the way - All the treasures of the Wettin dynasty - absolutely beautiful!

    100. Joel Dominguez


      1. Brandon S.

        Surprised no one else caught that lol