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    Avudaiyarkoil is a town in the district of Pudukkotai district in Tamil Nadu, India, which is primarily centered and best known as the location of the Tirupperunturai temple
    Avudaiappaar temple in Tiruperunthurai is an important Sivalayam in Tamil Nadu. Tiruperundurai is also known Perungalathur, it is about 15 Kms from the town of Aranthangi in Sivagangai district. Aranathangi can be reached either from Karaikudi or Pudukottai. From Karaikudi it is about 50 Kms.

    The temple of Avudaiyappar is steeped in history and one would be spell bound by the mere craftsmanship and the technology that was used ages ago when modern machinery was non-existent.The temple is situated in a serene atmosphere in a small village. The tower of this temple stands tall and can be viewed from far .

    The unique feature of this temple is there no deity or Sivalingam in this temple., There is a platform in the sanctum and the God here is considered to be formless and only a kavacham is used for worship.The temple also doesn't have a flag-mast and a Nandi. Amman here , is also formless and here Her Tiruvadi ( holy feet) is only worshipped.

    This temple is related to the great Saivaite saint Manikkavasagar and it is believed that Siva Himself gave him the mantropadesham here under a sacred tree and there is a statue carved on stone depicting the scene.

    The Utsavar in this temple is Manikkavasagar , and the idol is resplendent panchaloha image ,carved to perfection and He is only taken out in procession during temple festivals.

    The intricate work and ornamentation of pillars are magnificent. There are life size images which stand shoulder to shoulder with us as if breathing life. There are statues of kings who contributed for building the temple and images of various Gods on each and every pillar. As we enter the temple itself there are two ,10-12 feet tall statue of Veerabhadra ( a form of Siva) on either side where he is depicted killing Daksha. The emotions on the face , i.e anger is depicted well.

    There is a multi pillared mandapam where we see statues of a Greek soldier riding a horse. which is related to the temple legend.

    There is a small shrine for Manikkavasagar here in this mandapam it gets bathed in sunlight. As we stand in front of this shrine and move from left to right our shadow falls on the deity which stupefied me. The murals on the walls cannot be deciphered properly unless a guide explains them to you. Guides are available in the temple but they speak only the regional language. The murals on the ceiling have excellent design which resemble a saree and has been copied by many sari weavers.

    There are interesting statues inside the temples One is that of Arjuna having a long hair, plaited well and exhibiting his chest muscles and another a lady holding a basket adorned with jewels which is all carved in stone.

    There are navagrahas carved on pillars and Lord Avudaiyappan on a horse. Photography is allowed except for the idols that are worshipped.

    There is a temple tank within the temple Gopuram itself. The mandapam in the external prakaram is known as Thaygaraja mandapam. The ceilings have minute carvings , wonder how it was chiselled in the days of yore . The sunshade here is interesting which is again made with granite stone with rods carved like twisted steel used in construction of buildings. There are also chains made of granite which hang from the ceiling. There are many monolithic images too. A temple which is awe- inspiring and transports one to a different world altogether as we remain engrossed in taking in the beauty of each and every stone which depicts a story. A temple worth visiting.
    This temple was developed with the concept that as the devotion matures in a devotee, he has to believe in absolute truth which has no form hence the Lord here is known as Athmanathar.
    The unknown facts and story of thirupperunthurai - best speech about manikkavasagar and avudaiyarkoil
    Manikkavasagar was a 9th-century Tamil poet who wrote Tiruvasakam, a book of Shaiva hymns. He was one of the main authors of Saivite Tirumurai, his work forms volume eight of the Tirumurai, the key religious text of Tamil language Shaiva Siddhanta
    Thiruvasagam is a volume of Tamil hymns composed by the ninth century Shaivite bhakti poet Manikkavasagar. It contains 51 compositions and constitutes the eighth volume of the Tirumurai, the sacred anthology of Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


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      Omnamashiva omnamashiva omnamashiva omnamashiva omnamashiva omnamashiva omnamashiva omnamashiva omnamashiva omnamashiva from viruddhachalam Cuddalore District Tamilnadu

    82. Kasiarumai Selvam


    83. Vimal Rajs

      Om namasivaya

    84. Athmanathan Athmanathan

      மெய் சிலிர்க்கின்றது ஐயாவின் அற்புதமான சொற்பொழிவு கேட்க .....வணங்குகிறேன் 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


        Sosome sir supetosuper

      2. Sathiyamangalam so kuppam main Ginge


    85. Lakshmi Narashiman

      🙏🌺ஓம் கணபதி போற்றி🌹திருநீலகண்டம்🌻நடராஜர்🌼 திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் 💐அரூரா🌹திருஅண்ணாமலையார் 🌸தியாகராஜர்🌺சதாசிவம்🏵️மகாலிங்கேஸ்வரர்🌿சங்கரனே 🌹திருமூலட் டானனே போற்றி 🌺போற்றி🔱🌹ஓம் சரவண பாவா🌻🥥🙏

    86. Bhuvaneswari Swaminathan

      Nandri kelaayo,angellam varamudiyatha pen,enakkum kitiyadhu amudham

    87. Balasubramaniam Janardhanan

      திருச்சிற்றம்பலம்! அன்பே சிவம்!

    88. Nata Rajan

      செய்ய தெங்கிலே இளநீர் சேர்ந்த காரணங்கள் போல் அய்யன் வந்து என் உள்ளம் புகுந்து கோவில் கொண்டனன்... இமை பொழுதும் என் நெஞ்சில் நீங்காதான்.. ஆத்ம நாதன் தாள் வாழ்க...

    89. கொங்கணர் ரே எங்கள் குரு

      கடவுள் எது செய்தாலும் நன்மையே செய்வார்

      1. Sumathi. mariea valka matha valka S

        Nantri ayya

    90. prakashalit alit


      1. Sahadevan Prema

        ஓம் நமச்சிவாய

    91. Jaya Lakshmi

      ஐயா வணக்கம் தங்களது சொற் மழையில் நனைந்தேன்.. சொல்ல வார்த்தைகள் இல்லை கண்ணீருடன் நன்றிகளுடன் வணக்கத்தையும் சமர்ப்பிக்கிறேன்.. சிவபெருமானின் அருளாசியுடன் தங்கள் பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு வாழ வாழ்த்துகிறேன்..

    92. Amirtha Ganesan

      திருவாசகத்தேன் பருக இன்பத்தேன் சுவைக்க தினைத்தேன் நினைக்க மனத்தேன் உணர அறிவுத்தேன் முக்திக்கு ஞானத்தேன் அறிவுக்கு தெளிவுத்தேன் வாழ்க்கைக்கு முறைத்தேன் மோச்சத்திற்கு வழி (த்) தேன் - நமசிவாய வாழ்க நாதன் தாள் வாழ்க இமைப்பொழுதும் என் நெஞ்சில் நீங்காத தான் வாழ்க - சிவ.அமிர்தகணேசன் கோடியக்காடு

      1. Dhanalaksmi Dhanalakshmi


    93. Amirtha Ganesan

      அருமையான பதிவு.எனக்கு சொந்த ஊர் வேதாரண்யம்.நான் பல நேரம் வந்துருக்கிறேன்.ஆத்மநாதசுவாமி கொடுத்த வரம்.என் மனம் அடைந்த இன்பத்திற்கு எல்லை இல்லை.ஆவுடையார் கோயில் அன்பர்கள் இதைப்பார்த்தால் கமாண்ட் பன்னுங்கள்.இதே போல் கீரைமங்களம் அன்பர்களும்

      1. jana jana

        In mbBy

      2. Santhi Ganesan


      3. Mano Mano

        Ayya nandri ayya

      4. Baskar Thangavelu

        Arumai arumai

    94. Mahendran Mahendran

      ஓம் குரு வாழ்க வாழ்க

    95. Ksubramani Ksubramani

      இந்த அற்புதமான ஆலயம் செல்ல இருக்கிறேன் பிறகு கருத்து தெரிய படுத்துகிறேன்

      1. Neelakantan 1998

        NAMASHIVAYA 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

      2. Dhakshina Moorthy


    96. Ramesh M

      Excellent experience Speech