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    Watch Behind the Scenes of Vaari Jawan song by Rimorav Vlogs presents RI Vlogs

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      agar mai zyafa bar subs kr skti to mai to diksha ko aik din mai itny subs ho jaty ky bas diksga dekhti reh jati love from heart

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      I think I saw rishi in this dress in burjkhalifa song he just upgraded his dress with a coat like a phone🤣

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      I was expecting it on ri's channel but it came on baby queen

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      Anyone after life hacks pata nahi ka part 2

    12. Meru Islam

      Nice behind the scens and real shooting its nice song ever i see

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      boys me attitude sahi h yar

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      Ri duudy ko bolo ki aap cricket challenge kro in house 24hours

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      Sanjay is looking so cute

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      5:22 I can't believe Diksha di sone k liye bhi tayyar hoti h 😂😂

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      I love this song so much. But there is a problem there is this girl Payal zone and she has been roasting yr videos...please roast her back.PLEASE

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      Diksha is the best in the world she deserves 100million+ Subscribers love you dikshuuu

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      Wow ri you have done great job in video keep it up diksha and ri was looking awesome ❤

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      Sanjay and diksha was looking very cute



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      Why you are not coming in rimorav vlogs

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      Sabki safety bahot zaroori hai **Comes and hugs**

    28. agrima_1 _1

      3:59 me being a potter head shuru hone se pehle hi puri lines bol di ... one of my fav scenes

    29. agrima_1 _1

      diksha ke bohot jaldi hi ho jaayenge 1 m

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      I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

    32. Knneth Sanders

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      I prof of you Diksha di but apke channel pr video bahut der me ati h

      1. Vinod Kumar

        I proud of you

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      treading in Pakistan

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      I have a special challenge for you... Dikshuu=blind Sanjay=speechless Ri=lame For 24 hours

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      I think she win definitely win ROAD TO ONE MILLION BTW good luck

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      Best part is when ri does jhakas 😂❤️ 5:05

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      Best song ever

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    51. Khandelwal Queen

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      Did anyone know young Anna Mathew was played by Diksha didi in Golmaal again? I realised today when I was watching this😅😅

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