A Bigger Badder Bowser - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch


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    Bowser has become gargantuan and lost all control! Join forces with Bowser Jr. to stop his big bad dad in the Bowser's Fury adventure, included in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021 only on Nintendo Switch.
    Learn more: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/super-mario-3d-world-plus-bowsers-fury-switch/
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    1. KirbyY Gameplays


    2. wildcard

      So... it's Super Sayian Cat Mario vs Godzilla Bowser. At first you had my curiosity but now you have my attention.

    3. S.G.S

      Bruh super Saiyan Mario cat suit THATS COOL AS ****

    4. CC Gaming

      Super Saiyan Mario

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        There's no such thing.

    5. Brittany Reid

      When is Banjo-Kazooie coming out for switch

    6. Isaac Bilyeu

      What is this music holy crap

    7. Kirby,s Mincraft

      I wanna play powers fury not super Mario 3D world but if we have to play super Mario 3D wold I am ok with that

    8. Luke Wagner

      Cannot get any before b.jr helpful

    9. Daniel Cervantes

      Mario turned super saiyen

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        You're joking, right?

    10. ekesku

      Mario shouldn't have called Bowser "Gay Bowser"

    11. Wolver •

      Mario mega furry *Eeew*

    12. Camila Apon-Lake


    13. Camila Apon-Lake

      hm its like calamity GANON

    14. ChaseAse


    15. Space Force - Girl Force JJ West Fans

      Godzilla Bowser Vs King Kong Mario...

    16. Santiago Alexander Alemán Aldana

      Nintendo this is the best created battle I've ever seen the only bad thing is because you made a giant cat mario as transformation looks really bad in battle take it away

    17. Cookiesnmemes

      Furry mario against fury bowser. Coincedence?

    18. Fuchs 097

      I love this game, I’m going to buy it!

    19. Louise Helgesson

      My inner child is very fascinated right now

    20. TakkV2

      still not as big as yoshi's island final boss

    21. Alona Boicuka

      To me he looks like charizard Vmax

    22. isacloboz

      I wish it was Bowsette

    23. WalkInToBrickWalls ForDays

      I can already tell a bunch of models reused from Odyssey I'm the bowser's fury levels


      So since we can’t play online with random people does anyone want to be friends and play when it comes out my friend code is sw-4369-0952-0698

    25. MarioFilmsProductions

      i just pre-ordered this game

    26. Brendan Scolamiero

      You think they're just trying to compensate for the bowsette memes last year?

    27. Lincoln McLennan

      Mario turned into supersonic. Mario is sonic confirmed

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        You're joking, right?

    28. Maffetik The katchm

      Pretty cool gameplay

    29. TriggR

      Wait this is not Godzilla vs King Kong...

    30. Bedonia Mart

      Its like dynamax hahaha

    31. Rj Magbanua


    32. Rj Magbanua

      I thout it waa furry

    33. Luke Johnson

      Mario went Super Saiyan

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        You're joking, right?

    34. juanita supaul

      Why does mario look like ultimate goku in this scene 2:03

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        Actually, he looks more like a lion.

    35. yokk varr

      Itssss sssooooooooo coollllll!!!!

    36. Mako Gaming

      Big CAT

    37. Vanessa Hall

      I watched it like 30 times and the graphics are awesome

    38. Bokoblin

      We love mario . Mario for life

    39. Micael Sevemar

      I never expected nintendo to make something like this in the mario sereies but yeah

    40. PixL Peep

      Bowser literally destroying lake lapcat Plessey:Y A H O O

    41. Zain Ahmed

      Finally bowser can truly show who and what he is. Going berserk makes him truly a monster to be reckon with, not just a goofy giant.

      1. Arjan Singh


    42. Jesus Medina

      3D world was one of my favorite Mario games

    43. magic dragon

      Is it just me or can you not wait for this game to get in your console!

    44. hùng mai

      Someone tell me why he turned into a Bowser furry and what happens bowsette turns into a furry. ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    45. Gloom Gaming

      You sure that’s not a demon from “Doom”?

    46. ForceMaximus84

      So, how long before Super Sonic takes on Super Cat Mario?

      1. ForceMaximus84

        @John Bosco Chinakwe Mmmmmmmmmmaybe

      2. John Bosco Chinakwe

        You're joking, right?

    47. Karen White Horse

      Make a movie about majoras mask use stuff from a terrible fate (its about majoras mask)

    48. AnimandoYT789 MARTINEZ

      mario cat ssj

    49. Obi1 Ben

      Sonic: (Turns into Super Sonic with the Seven Chaos Emeralds) Mario: (Literally turns into a straight up Super Saiyen with a gigantic cat bell)

    50. Khafly y


    51. Mr. Bropers

      Did Nintendo have to make everything a cat, can’t it just be regular goobas and pirhana plants

    52. D4rk Flicks

      Who thinks they should remake super sluggers and Mario all star hoops or whatever the basketball one was

    53. Juanito Alcachofa

      Alternate title: Bowser's fury VS Mario Furry

    54. Lightmagician60

      Giant bowser. Gee where have we seen this before (Music drops) Nvm it's amazing

    55. Little Diezel

      minecraft on Nintendo switch should have a vr mode

      1. Little Diezel

        because the minecraft one is an old one

      2. Suku DB

        @Little Diezel but why

      3. Little Diezel


      4. Suku DB

        And you're saying this on a 3D World trailer?

    56. Kimberly Lopez

      On accident my mom put the money into the Nintendo E shop and I want to know how to take the money out 🥺

    57. Natalie Torres

      Im just waiting for the mario items coming to animal crossing i hope theres gonna be items u can get

    58. krow000666

      2:01 super mario saiya-jin fase 3 dinamax!!!

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        Please tell me you're joking😜.

    59. Oniyaki

      Bowser giving me those Final Fantasy X Otherworld vibes.

    60. JoseAngelCorona8

      SSJ Cat Mario

    61. Hi Hi

      And tell me if u read it

    62. Hi Hi

      I hope u read this

    63. Hi Hi

      Nintendo can u make free storage because I want new games

      1. RW Thunder


    64. Ebenezer Gasonoo

      1:36 is perfection!! the way they synced!!

    65. Tobias Shawver

      Bowser falling from the sky like that gave me flashbacks of Mario Stikers Charged! Wish we could get that on the switch!!

    66. 와플butter

      If someone told me last year that the next Mario game is literally kaiju Mario in a fursuit vs Godzilla Bowser Dark Beast Ganon-style... well I probably wouldn’t have believed you 😂

    67. J Bourbon

      This looks surprisingly bad@$$

    68. Casey Pace

      “So, we meet again Mario for the last time!”

    69. Yian

      2:03 mario furry vs bowser fury

      1. Suku DB

        furry vs furry

    70. mrr knowbody

      Jeepers Frick .. (when bowser lands) .. you know what that is .. went power rangers on your A .. bit er neo geo

    71. gregorysharp

      Bowser to Godzilla “hold my beer”

    72. Adam Ramirez

      Bowser just used 000000000000000000.1% of his power.

    73. exotic gueslet

      At this point bowser just wants to kill the Mario bros

    74. Erik Cruz

      2:02 Godzilla Vs. Kong (2021)

    75. ಠ_ಠ

      i never knew bowser junior had daddy problems

    76. Emperor Kiron

      Ah, so mario is a furry. Good to know

    77. Double Dis

      Why are there captions for this

    78. Néstor Mendoza Martel

      Mario sayayin confirmado

    79. Bug Fables is life

      Can't wait to kill this big bad bowser with a 3-hit mechanic!

    80. Seth Russell

      Peach: he's done it hasn't he toad. Toad: yes my lord! Peach: look at that stance and the figure Behold the Super Saiyan Kitty!

    81. Benjamin De jesus

      I am waiting for the game

    82. ThePoptartKing

      the most epic furry battle

    83. mephistolol

      So Long Gay Bowser

    84. C Stuff

      Can you Make a super Mario odyssey 2 because that game was a amazing

    85. •NOTreeseramen•

      super anime bros is finally here

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        You're joking, right?

    86. Julien Saldinger

      When ganondorf and bowser make a baby

    87. Everlight The hedgehog

      its awesome how it comes the day before my birthday! but did anybody else look at this and say dashie should play this!?

    88. the blue mush


    89. Breanna Sprouse


      1. Breanna Sprouse

        I love your game 😁

    90. kollinka

      i waited sooo looong to get 3d world on switch finally it comes i will buy it directly on releas

    91. Kevin Schmidt

      Mario is a cat now , thats gay...

    92. Antek Kocemba

      Community: Can we get Mario Sunshine 2? Nintendo: *Well yes, but actually no*

    93. Antonio Takafaz

      Bowser's furry have a Gigantamax Cat Mario

    94. Joshua Gouzy

      Kaiju Bowser?!?! YES PLEASE

    95. Ryan Michael Molina

      Ever think that black bowser is like the 3D version of the black paint Bowser in Paper Mario: Color Splash?

    96. Zamarionmech10 Gilliom

      Hm why is bowser jr is nice

    97. super sonic 556 56


    98. jose sebastian Sanchez

      Yesssssssssssss 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    99. gail darcy

      Bowsers fury our Bowsers furry fr why is he mad at a world of cats when he legit turned into one.. our his he mad about the Bowsette thing oop

    100. pink ghost

      How did bowser gey that big in the first place?