In Conversation Jacob Rees Mogg


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    Jacob Rees-Mogg, North East Somerset MP and leading Brexiteer, in conversation with Professor Philip Cowley at the Mile End Institute. The conversation took place on Thursday 1 February 2018.
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    1. Ian Borland

      I can't pretend to know much about him, but I think you have to admire his obvious intellect and ability to present a succinct and reasoned argument. I'd love to know what his IQ is. I absolutely prefer his approach to that of most politicians.

    2. Hellalive 89

      Jacob the best PM we’ll never have

    3. Daniel Prendergast

      hats off to Queens Mary for hosting a rightwinger in this age of hysterical cancel culture

    4. bob alexander

      Jacob Rees Mogg, he is a politian who I can listen to and seems to be very well informed and well read,, he obviously does intricate and detailed research for each subject he talks about,, he has my vote,

    5. Vincent Higginbotham

      Bernadette Mc Alskey née Bernadette Devlin. Follow her on utube or wika and see how accurate she was about the future of Northern Ireland and where the lies of the British governments would lead she was the youngest person to be elected in the uk at that time and a civil rights activists at that time she was 21 years old .History is repeating itself Listen to her lectures through the years and compare them to Boris,s rubbish

    6. Vincent Higginbotham

      He admire the bank at one time but he opened up a office in Ireland Dublin for to operate IN THE EU. a chance

      1. John Ward

        Publish the address

    7. Ian imray

      JRM for prime. Minister

    8. David Scott

      Many women believe it or not have other priorities other than politics.

    9. Sunbro

      I swear to god the people who cough in interviews need to be lined up and shot

    10. Abhimanyu Karnawat

      Jeering illiterate socialists in the crowd.

    11. edward houlton

      It seems the hard left and the Tory agree on grid girls. I think we just ripped a gash in the space time continuum.

    12. Stevey O’Gilmore

      Notice the usual empty headed numpty types who always speak up at the end of a sentence (upward inflection). I just can't take them seriously.

    13. efc toffee

      It just shows the caliber of people attending that university when they get such basic simple facts wrong about JRM son being at University. 2 seconds basic research on google could have avoided that embarrassment and yet these clowns think we should pay for their education. It would be a complete waste of funds and taxpayers money.

    14. efc toffee

      Sick of this nonsense about changing nappies, who cares. I dont want my MPs wasting their time changing nappies i want them busy running the country i want them to not be Distracted with such things so they can be as knowledgeable and competent as JRM IS.

    15. Moira Baker

      I have to confess, he is growing in me

    16. efc toffee

      A man of honesty decency and integrity with principles. Dont get that in politics.

    17. Anthony Miller

      the trouble with ENGLAND is to many left wingers on TV and schools colleges most of the professors are in there left wing bubble, but to cut to the chase check the economy from 1945 to now, you will see that labour have ruined the country, and the conservatives have raise it up,

    18. Tyrotrainer

      Met this bloke in London in 2019. He is a total upper class twat, with utter disdain for common people. HE IS deep in the system.

    19. George Shannan

      btw love the Somerset accent,,,,,,,,safe seat?

    20. George Shannan

      a man who splays himself across the benches, is my memory of JRM, a prick

    21. Taras Bulba

      Why cant Doctors-Scientists not allowed to give opposing View about this Situation ,Which seems manufactured ?and he stays tight mouth-Truth is a rare commodity .

    22. Taras Bulba

      Every Possible benefit he has had-He has not seen life as a Person-Pampered all his life-Look at his Son-Cloned ? He is not for Liberty

    23. Taras Bulba

      I say We have a PM who was not a Public Schoolboy-or Oxbridge -Maybe Someone Vernon Coleman-But he would not take the job-To lead 65 million People is a walk in the park-pre recorded speech-no debate-No opinions -Wish all you like .We are ants-No more or less that are needed every 4 years to sustain this Criminal Government.

    24. Matt Harrison

      Conservatives conserve nothing. It really makes no difference who you vote for, that’s confirmed now. UK is lost.

      1. John Fused

        Run by NGOs Matt. Always have been of course.

    25. Wipeout2806

      The privately educated Englishman is the greatest dissembler on earth,” le Carré’s most famous character, George Smiley, says in . “Nobody will charm you so glibly, disguise his feelings from you better, cover his tracks more skilfully or find it harder to confess to you that he’s been a damn fool.”

    26. Paul Grech

      J.R.M. is popular - in my view - because he debates with impressive intelligence, unusual political awareness, frightening insightfulness, moral certainty and an unswerving honesty that one can only admire. His biggest flaw, unfortunately, is that he simply looks like a spoilt, self important, spoilt brat. Or put another way, he looks like a caracature of a spoilt tory brat. Though I don't know him, I doubt he is anything like this. I think he would make a great prime minister. He is a patriot and has the best interest of the U.K. in his heart

    27. Oneness Seeker

      Us real men change our baby's bum no problems.. we like to get involved in all the dirty work. smelling baby shit makes you feel like a real man.

    28. Watching You

      JR-M claims to be a libertarian but is anything but. He doesn't believe in freedom for the individual.

    29. Watching You

      David Cameron did the damage to the Conservative Part when he instructed the Associations to ignore the grass roots. JR-M is being dishonest about this. The Conservative Party have become and will continue to become more autocratic and centralised. It will not change in our lifetime and JR-M talks one book whilst exactly the opposite is taking place.

    30. Tom Essex

      JRM has an IQ of 102 ....can someone double check it's +102 because -102 would be much easier to believe !

    31. Ian Hay

      bollocks tp the conservatives immigration figures up


      Jacob you are a breathe of fresh air.

    33. Kevin Hermans

      He was only wrong about one thing, kids in this Era do not at any cost want to actually debate their political beliefs, they strictly want to protest and whinge. They will never be focused on solutions, only petty trivial issues that cause more division and strife. Another thing, I do kinda disagree about his take on abortion. Not that I'm saying my opinion is correct and his is wrong by any means, everyone has their own view and his is totally understandable. It just depends on the case for me I don't see it so black and white. In cases of abuse where it was rape the caused the pregnancy, then I believe the female should have the choice guilt free if the result of having the baby would cause her more suffering. On the other hand, I definitely can see where if someone who made no attempt to prevent it especially in this era where there is tons of options for contraceptives should maybe look at other alternatives to abortion but still as a male it is never an issue ill experience or deal with in my life time so all these are is opinions.

    34. nevets7152

      Sound was perfect then after 5 minutes went down.

    35. jakobole

      Ah, JRM, preaching personal responsibility, and when pointing out he's done something wrong, it's suddenly other peoples fault! The irony.....

    36. Michael Gallagher


    37. Paul Hayes

      Up the gorbals and Glasgow celtic

    38. James Walker

      The false familiar famous tractor industrially challenge because wire morphometrically question lest a difficult door. handsomely, gainful bear

    39. Dave Carrick

      Streak of posh piss. You all know what the tories do. The fact that any of you can entertain them for a moment means that you are the problem, you've put these scum where they are, and a lot of you will suffer because of that, but like in the spitting image series 40 years ago, (when apart from thatcher there were some tory mp's who actually possessed some morals), the sketch where they burn someone's house down and then ask who the owner will vote for, it's still tory.. It seems that they can do whatever they like to anyone who's stupid enough to think they have anyone's interest but their own enrichment, and still get their vote. Sad, brainwashed, thick, gammon, Deluded, Pricks.

    40. Third Northwind

      Thank you for bringing this smart man to us

    41. David L

      We need him now more than ever!

    42. Berend Dijk

      The normalizing of neo-nazis like Mogg already showed the UK was lost.

    43. Steven Jackson

      The plant mary complementarily knock because peony fittingly measure from a productive meeting. dead, thinkable stocking

    44. DJ Dave T

      I work full time. My wife is a stay at home mum. I have changed Nappies & I'm proud that I do that. Its alright for some to be able to afford a Nanny

    45. just me

      Benefits is a working system ? when I couldn't work due to injury consultant said three year recovery period . GP said don't work . pip score zero because I could walk with crutches shower on crutches cook on crutches . walk a few hundred yards round a supermarket then few days recovering . I got no benefit told to get a desk job applied for hundred of jobs not classed as disabled due to pip score zero never got one interview or benefits or sick pay no income or job then when I had nothing left council tax bailiffs came after me . so when you pay in all your life need help nothing is available only when you see this side do you realise how corrupt the whole benefit system is

    46. Dominic Oswestry

      Etonian no mark. Moves his own company’s HQ back to the EU leaves UK businesses stuck in Brexit slime. These people have no idea what a day’s work is. Their lies and corruption are off the scale.

    47. Jeffreys snapped Neck

      Mogg has all the qualities of a man who will fight for all our heritage and history and way life to tbe hilt. I could vote for this man. I could, if he would allow, go for a pint with him. 😉👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    48. Andrew Oates

      55:10 - Imagine in 20 years when Ginger Lives Matter kicks off

    49. Stevey O’Gilmore

      Another lefty whipped. 👍

    50. Michael Beard

      Îui M

    51. Terence Field

      I have arrived at nutflake corner! I am out of here! Bloody loonies and xenos.

    52. Angie Metcalfe

      And then you find the genuinely disabled end up getting persecuted. It's all well and good to say work your way to a better future but they need to find a manageable way to weed out the people who are defrauding the welfare system because they are literally stealing from our country when it's already on it's knees but provisions have to be made for the legitimate disability claimants

    53. Dan Dan

      How can u laugh about what he as an still have a this video on this site.

    54. Lisa Just Visiting

      I'm glad he cleared up some of those inaccurate points right at the beginning.

    55. Lee Munns

      What a ponce

    56. henry tudor


    57. Michelle Louise Davis

      nice to kow the neo nazi mogg is as popular as ever.

    58. drepachi77

      Rich Privileged Man since birth, no silver spooners should be governing people

    59. Neil&Marie# the travellers#

      Old moggy I always like the way you destroy your opposition in parliament but I deeply disagree with your views on abortion and the fact that your wife stays at home but you have a nanny however it’s each and everyone’s choice how they lead their lives so I’m not judging or criticising just making observation

    60. Andreas Chapman

      I not only want this man to be the Conservative party leader I want him to be prime minister as I genuinely believe that he has the intelligence the integrity the honesty as well as the ability to be a great one.

    61. tom davies

      The guy who said that the people who burned to death in grenfell tower, only had themselves to blame because they all lacked common sense? And you all got your tongues up this guys ass, you should all be ashamed And if you think he's honest, just watch him get torn apart by James o brien in an lbc Iinterview about brexit . This guy should be in jail not parliment , he is vile.


      This fucker always does allot of talking all the time. Never see him actually do anything worthwhile

    63. jason jaks

      What planet does this bloody clown Mogg come from?

    64. Raglan Road

      Tories are done, as are labour and lib dems.

    65. Midnight Rambler

      The host seems like a dickhead

    66. Derek Pepperell

      But Scotland are not in the EU. Can't see how that is allowable. They won't be Independent if in EU anyway nor will they survive economically.

    67. Daniel Fitzgerald

      I'd love to see Jacob Rees-Mogg on Joe Rogan

    68. Arthur Greenway

      Came across this interview by chance. Enjoyed the banter but boy is the camera work so amateur, was dizzy at the constant zoom in/out, swinging left & right. Not acceptable in cinematic world.

    69. Me you and the animal


    70. nosajkrad

      ❤️. For the Mogg

    71. nosajkrad

      Love the MOGG ❤️❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    72. Richard Truth conquers all

      Mogg maestro of English language 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    73. Adrian Griffiths

      Are people forgetting that this politician once said: "People died in the Grenfell Tower because they lacked commomn sense" What type of person says that????

      1. Siddharth

        A person who lacks common sense himself.

    74. Ernest G Tipping

      What a man he is the first minister I've heard give Nigel Farage any recognition for Brexit. He should be our prime minister he makes you want to listen if he was prime minister I would vote Tory but has it is I will vote reform if it is on the sheet it is the only way we will clear this bloody mess they've got us into. Cheers Tippo. UK.GB.


      Those answers were why I joined the Conservative party back in 1982 sadly I did not agree with a lot of Margaret Thatcher's later anti union policies and left the party. But I believe that Jacob Rees- Mogg is an honourable man and his ideals show through his answers I think he would make a great Prime minister after Boris Johnson who as much as I like him, has not handled the Covid19 crisis particularly well, but I also believe that Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party would have made a pigs breakfast of it.

    76. tom red

      A fabulous guy. He is second only to Her Majesty the Queen in my experience and opinion. He is also a wonderful speaker with a lot of common sense and fun to pass on to us.

      1. tom red

        I have just spent 2 hours viewing this because I kept referring back. Best 2 hours viewing this year. I should get out more. Thanks JRM

    77. Tinkertime

      Bank of England and the Treasury should be ashamed of themselves. Thank God they lost and the people had their say. Here we are now, 5 weeks into Brexit and it’s the best thing we ever did. Love the Mogg btw.

    78. Tommy Fish

      Basically the closer you are to European regulations the worse of you are.

    79. Richard Gray

      You are so limited in your thinking to the point of crippled

    80. Joseph Harley


    81. Richard Gray

      Bloody rhythmic monotone lousy lunatic

    82. Richard Gray

      Hang on I will get up and dance

    83. Richard Gray

      I’m bored to tears

    84. Richard Gray

      Curtesy why don’t you

    85. alma walker

      The Conservative party is really in need of a politician to lead the country like JRM.

    86. Andrew Curtis

      Considering the questions that were asked and how they were factually corrected it beggars belief what some learn in higher education... and if you choose to go to University in order to have a better career... damn right you should pay for it... take responsibility. Reckon it’s cut down the number of people that just wanted to waste time.

    87. Mil Els

      I would feel safe with the legal of intelligent he has We once had a very good Labour Party before Blair but I’ll never vote them again

      1. Mil Els


    88. Gengads G

      I may have not graduated from his School or had the fortune to speak like this, but I must say my kids will definitely get that, while I am still alive. He is my favorite politician of all time. You got my vote if you become Tory leader.

    89. the dude

      What a happy fish

    90. Trever Mcdonald

      The EU is controlled lock stock and barrel by the Germans and the French, when push comes to shove they will put the,selves first and the minnows second every time and the minnows can do little about it.

    91. Bill Pugh

      His happy fish moment exposed his true colours right at the very moment fishermen are losing money, jobs and livelihoods, putting their families under tremendous pressure and his response is some tory waffle and a joke worthy of the Bullingdon Club. He has saved his Funds Company by offshoring it to the EU to protect it from the economic danger of Brexit. If this was a film script no one would believe it. Lower than vermin, he has no shame.

    92. Jezz Bish

      This guy can never be PM, he is simply too honest.

    93. J

      The thing that puts me off about him is that he's one of the foremost members of the Liberal Elite.

    94. sunny rowe

      Mogg, was a piece of crap 💩 then and is now !

    95. Paul Buskie

      How about outlawing Alcohol & smoking then if Dope(not legalizing DRUGS) is so harmful, detest the way they say 'Legalizing drugs' when talking of dope, a natural product with zero ADDED chemicals or Alcohol which is a 'mixture'-pure hypocrisy.

    96. Niz Viz

      @1:01:33, in hindsight I suspect she still hasn't changed her opinion, the bus question has well and truly been put to bed, matched and exceeded, though many to this day cannot accept it.

    97. ALL@SEA RPW

      EVERY THING IN ITS PLACE , NANNIES RULE ,IN THE HOME . Mr MOGG is fully engaged slapping down some children in Parliament ,who are being paid by the tax payers . An amazing interview . JR M WILL MAKE AN EXCELLENT PM to be proud off .

      1. Where's Walshy 17 oath breaking judges and what does the head of the privy council do??? cover it up

    98. david elkins


    99. Kent Pirate

      He's also a nasty little hypocrite.

      1. Where's Walshy


    100. David baloney

      We had a ordinary working class bloke coming up in the ranks, and the establishment spent their whole time arresting him and imprisoning him ,on what were trumped up charges , as WE all know. Tommy Tommy Tommy.