अगर आपका गला बाहर निकला हुआ हो तो उसका क्या मतलब होता है? Science behind Adam's Apple


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    Hello friends, ever wondered why men have Adam's apple? Why do girls don't have Adam's apple? And did you know? NASA's countdown from 10 to 1 is actually copied from someone else. And will you believe me, if I said that a smartwatch actually caught a boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend, I mean how is that possible? And ever seen a man from Kazakhstan, marrying a sex doll and then divorcing a sex doll? Lol. And tell me, ever seen fart curing diseases of people? Well, Father Chris Penelope from South Africa is quite well known for his farting and curing technique. Wanna know how? Then stay tuned throughout!
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    1. GetsetflySCIENCE

      So bhailog and girls, ab ek sawaal… Kya tumne kabhi kisi ladki ko dekha hai jiska Adam’s apple bahar ho? Nahi dekha toh ye batao aisa kabhi ho sakta hai kya? Agar haan toh uske peeche explanation kya hoga? Comment down below and share some thoughts - Jai Hind!

      1. PP&D paper, pencil & draw

        🧐Bahar ki aur Adam's apple mere bade bhai ji ke he, 🤨magar mere nahi he, 🙆school ke samay jab mene iske bare me padha tha to mujhe laga ki mere bhi ho jayega as my brother has this.✌️ I noticed that jinke Adam's apple bahar hote he unki aawaz kadak hoti he aur jinke nahi he unki aawaz soft hoti he. 🤗

      2. rinju deori

        Yeah one of my friends, she has the Adams apple

      3. AawaRa_ Aarif

        Sucide 😂

      4. Grass roots You Tubers

        @Rekha Mishra bye

      5. Grass roots You Tubers

        @Fearless 1) don't have perfect answer its indefinite 2) still searching don't have perfect answer 3) still finding what's is universe don't have perfect answer But all the perfect answers of this question is in ut mind when u will live alone in silence u willl understand life , death and universe ❤️❤️

    2. Shagun Yadav

      0:06 Jackson Wang of GOT7♥️

    3. Dark World : the unknown

      Adam's apple story : Kahani kuch aisy, hai . Bhagvaan ne 2 insaan adam aur eve ko banaya aur unhein rehene ke liye paradise mei jagah di . Paradise mei har cheese ki suvidha thi . Khana , pena sab kuch .Par bhagwan ne adam aur eve ko bataya tha ki paradise mei ek easa pedh hai jiseke seb ( apple) ko kahana nahi hai unko . Adam aur eve neh bhagwan ki batein maanne ka wada kiya . Aur ve log shanti se rehene lage . Ek din eve jab garden mei ghum rahi thi , tabhi wahan par lucifer ( shaitaan) saap ke roop mei ayaa sur eve ko bhadhka diya ki , usse aur adam ko uss apple ko khalena cha hiye . Eve ne Lucifer ki baat maan li aur adam se jakar kaha ki wo vaha apple uss pedh se todh ke laakar usse dede. Adam ne wahi kiya , apple todh kar usne kha liya . Tabhi wahan bhagwaan agye . Iss se pehele adam wo apple nigalta , bhagwaan ne usse rok diya . Agar bhagwaan usse nahi rokte toh adam ( yaani puri insaan ki prajsti) ko sansar ki har cheese ka gyan (knowledge) ho jata . Bhagwan ne adam ke gale ( neck ) mei hi uss apple ko rok diya. Aur adam aur eve ko paradise se nikaal kar , dharti par rehene bhej diya . Adam aur eve ke bachhee hue. Ladke Adam ke upar gaye the aur ladkiyan eve ke upar gayi thi . Tab se ladkon ke gale ( neck ) Wala bhaag jo thoda bahar aya hua rehata hai , usse Adam 's apple kehete hai . This is the story . Ty for reading the comment .

    4. NikhiL Singh

      Question ka answer suicide hai

    5. RARE animations

      Christino ronaldo

    6. bhavishya khatri

      Answer of the question is Suicide

    7. Rehan Meshram

      Sucide 🤕😂


      Bhai sucide karne jao toh punishment milti h par par kardo doh toh nhi

    9. Rose

      suicide o crime hai jise karne se koi karne wale ko saza nai de sakta

    10. Yogita Panchal

      The crime is suicide

    11. gamer Indian gameer

      Lie say

    12. Yash Awasthi

      yuri tolechko is like Jonny sins

    13. Holy Fire

      answer of the Question is: Rishwat

    14. Ashok Koli बेनाडीकर


    15. Santosh Guru

      Pedal chal kar kya paisa kmaya ja sakta hai

    16. Shreyansh Singh

      13:29 grey hat hacking

    17. Arvind Pal

      Kyu bhagwan hi bolna jaruri tha

    18. SB Gaming

      Susaide mar naki kosis korna

    19. WOLF FF

      Mere papa roj mere kinetic energy store karte hai

    20. simple tech


    21. Rina Sinha

      Killing mosquitoes

    22. 6 Eм

      Apple khane par Adam ke Gale mai Atak gaya tha 😁

    23. TIGER GROVER vlogs

      Questens answer is suicide😂


      Sucide is the answer

    25. Jainabad-4 Patadi-02

      Free fire. Adam ke name par

    26. Abdul Mannan


    27. Samrin Samrin


    28. bhart gamers


    29. Wali Awan

      Aap nai hi ek video main bataya tha kai koi country hai jis main gari choorana legal hai agar aap na pakrai jao

    30. mehul Jadvani

      answer is Big Hacking

    31. Shadow乡 Toxic

      The answer of the question in suicide.🙄🙄

    32. Mix Doodle

      I think that gourav is into K-pop these day 😂

    33. #adarsh Kesharwani

      Your questions answer is may be breaking the law of Physic...

    34. Jyotirmoy

      Answer: Suiside

    35. bio hunters

      Answer is sucide


      Mai mar jaunga lekin fart service nahi lunga

    37. Den Lewis

      Adam ate a piece of the forbidden fruit that got stuck in his throat

    38. Rajwade Gaming Zone


    39. Prashant Sonawane

      Suicide is th answer ! CHEMISTRY SOLVED ‼️


      The answer is "sucide" ryt?

    41. tUniQue Factaa

      Toa babuaa 9:22, this is so 😂😂

    42. Sujal Sharma

      suicide gaurav bhai is that crime

    43. ajiv londa

      Bhai exam me chitting Kar ne ki koshis ki toh punishment milti hai par agar kardiya toh nhi milti kyuki unko pta hi nhi chalta aur Bhai Mera answer Sahi hai toh niche comment kardena😁😁

    44. Mohd Hussain

      Smoking i think

    45. bishal kumar


    46. Vinay Gadariya

      Suicide is the crime for which we get punishment for trying to commit not by committing it

    47. PATITA Gamer


    48. Rush? GamingYT

      Answer is sucide

    49. Yugam Anand

      Maybe telling lie as it's not a crime

    50. ANUSHK DEV

      1:56 samjh rhe ho

    51. HiTeSh


    52. Molin tomat

      because Apple = chapple

    53. Vispot on Your Plans

      Answer for your question susaid 😎😎😎

    54. kuch seekho editing

      Sucide karneki kosish

    55. Diensh Panwar


    56. Mahi Hazaria

      The answer is Suicide ....👍 Am I right..

    57. kaif mks

      Home work na krne pr sza milti hai pr krne pr nhi

    58. Hemant Kumar


    59. Badal Singh

      Answer is : Suicide karne ka crime

    60. Dimpal Raut

      Suicide is the crime

    61. Gurlal virk Gurlal virk


    62. Dr Gangadhar Deheri

      Pad guy ko toh world corona defender ban a Dena chiye😉😉😂😂😂😂😂

    63. BKM Gaming Boss


    64. Vishal M205

      11:48 thumbnail Ka raaz 😂

    65. Sachin Zala

      The term Adam's apple (or technically "laryngeal protuberance," formed by the largest cartilage of the larynx) has been used in English since at least 1625. It goes by analogous names in other European languages, among them French (pomme d'Adam; the French also use morceau d'Adam-"Adam's morsel"); Italian (pomo d'Adamo); and German (Adamsapfel). But decades before (and after) Adam's apple came to refer to that anatomical item, it was used as a term for several edible items of the fruit variety, among them plantains, pomelos, and citrons. This rather (from a modern perspective, anyway) willy-nilly application of the term was in keeping with a habit that dates at least to medieval times, when European writers used Latin variations on the same theme-pomum Adam, pomum Adami, Adami pomum, etc. -for various fruits, among them the cherished pomegranate. The implication was likely that the vaunted fruit belonged in the category of those "fruits of Paradise" supposed to have been enjoyed in the long-lost Eden. Meanwhile, medieval Arab medical writers were dealing with throat anatomy by way of analogy with the same fruit, and they settled on "pomegranate" as a name for the laryngeal protuberance. What inspired the name is unknown. Was it physical resemblance-did the texture of the skin of the pomegranate remind them of the texture of the skin covering the protuberance? Or was it something symbolic? The pomegranate has long been a potent symbol in literature and religion: the biblical King Solomon had an orchard of pomegranates; in Greek mythology, it was Persephone's act of eating a single pomegranate seed in the underworld that doomed her forever to spend 1/3 of every year in Hades; and the prophet Muhammad reportedly recommended pomegranates: "Eat the pomegranate, for it purges the system of envy and hatred."

    66. Vaibhav Kamal


    67. shubho comedy


    68. Adnan Arif 9 ẞ

      question of the day ka answer hai Atmahatya

    69. HERU THE Moñkey

      Biology valo ko ye jarur pata hoga😀


      Answer of today's question..; Suicide

    71. OP. XXX GAMER

      Answer is:----- (Hacking)

    72. S M

      Free fire mein jo Adam charata Hua se ko Adam bolate Hain

    73. Kusuma K

      Adam is the first man so the name came Adam's apple 🤔🤔

    74. SLG


    75. ARGHA M79

      You r the best 😂😂😂