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    asking boys awkward questions and lexi and i got into the festival season!
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    has anyone told that you’re KILLIN the GAME today?? I love u!

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    1. Michael Fisher

      The Andrew Pierson Jeremy trio is one of the best chaotic trios on youtube

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      5. • Min Yoongi's Wife •

        @Growth Mindset Ty 💜

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      Lexi has stormy gray eyes like Draco Malfoy🖤🖤

    3. Zuhayr khan

      is may not April

    4. Sarai Corea Diaz

      The fact that Andrew is straight up honest 😂🥺

    5. Alexis

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    7. AmpWorld Fan

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      its okay you not to old to eat dino nuggies

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    12. Ashley Rynjah

      So bad that shein is banned from India I always love the clothes and pendant from there😭😭😭

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    15. Taewan Barnes

      This was really really awkward


      Pierson have you ever noticed that jermy loves you he is in love with you I can see because in this video he is always starting at you look by yourself his eyes are on you

    17. Malia Thomas

      Pierson and lexi make really great friends!!😀😀😀

    18. Dana

      6:45 here is what ur here for, welcome

    19. Chere Clerk

      She transitioned me into a lindt add😳😂😭

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      If you come to India pls come to mumbai it's a too good place

    21. Xbox K1NG

      She is soooooo cool and funny. Also people should subscribe to her more too

    22. FATAL SHOT

      6:43 might be useful

    23. sarahh

      No one: Literally no one: Lexi after every outfit: OHH I LOVE THIS ONEEEE!!

    24. itz_nehasingh

      When you said that you are in india I was literally so happy . I happiness disappeared In a second . A fan from india🇮🇳 Love you Pierson

    25. Thyna GQ

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      Let’s just take a moment to say she has the best videos and I love her intro’s

    27. Yka

      Her Intro Is Getting Better Every Time 😂

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      Omg those questions were too awkward 😂

    31. Mimi Das

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    32. Mimi Das

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    33. Mimi Das

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    34. Mimi Das

      Her starting of the video is my fav❤️🤩🥳

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      Believe me I’m from India and that was not how India looks 😂 there are many things in India besides greenery 🤷🏻‍♀️🤓 Y’all should visit India someday. Eva visited tooo...💘

    41. venkataswami velpuru

      omg peirson im so sorry that was not me it was my bro i love you

    42. blissieyou

      Our name is piersinators now???? 😟❤️

    43. harmony scott

      As she said 3,2,1 an ad came up😭😢

    44. XxBunny Xx

      The first bit the Dino nugget I don’t care if she said I’m too old I wouldn’t care I would eat those Dino nuggets and turn into Dinasour a cute one tho

    45. Aneetha Oberoi

      Me whose looking at the backround while they are picking outfits of the dog sleeping he is so cute!

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    49. bssni touir

      To whomever is scrolling: sending you good vibes for the rest of the day or night. Thank you for reading! Peace and love from Las Vegas!

    50. XVxnillaXWolfX

      Pierson and Lexi H. are the best friend combo ever.

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      Why is everyone in their friend group so GOOD LOOKING!!

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    53. Emma Whitney


    54. Emma Whitney

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      "so right now it's april" *video posted May 2nd*

    56. life with the sister's

      hun its may 2

    57. Duke Aiwohi

      The whole entire first half is just Lexi and Pierson at the “mall” trying to find a cute outfit for a festival

    58. Duke Aiwohi

      When Pierson and Lexi said they didn’t go to a festival for all of that I thought that they were gonna say food and the pics for what they really go for

    59. Syeda Sarah

      Please pin me OR I'll PUN YOU!

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      Pierson : I don't need a boyfriend I got lexi Brent: I'm all OK " starts crying"

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      why does she need a fan . i can literally hear the wind blow.

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      If you like me and you just wanna skip to the point of the video then you welcome 6:45

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      I love how she is sooo confident and pretty

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      I knew Jeremy was close with his dad but not that close 😂😂

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      This was posted on my birthday and I wanted this video lol

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