Ek aur remake 🤦‍♂️ Kabhi to kuch Original banalo: Coolie No. 1 || Varun Dhawan | Sara ali khan


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    1. MeMe s

      Aaj kiski ga*nd me pin marenga ye🤣🤣

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      3. Rahul Gaming

        @BOLD BUDDY kya re

      4. MeMe s

        @Rahul Gaming knock knock tera baap

      5. BOLD BUDDY

        @Rahul Gaming ??

    2. Ranjeet Kumar

      Mai to bollywood dekhta hi nhi, animes are far better than bollywood


      Disney + Hotstar Ka Shat Kaya Hoya Tha

    4. Mohd Riyaz

      Abey sale tujha,,dosra kamnAhikya

    5. mpsingh mourya

      Add bhi usi ka aya tha

    6. Dhurandar Gaming

      Agar koi meri comment pad raha hai to please aap bhi comment karke badal ko batao. Sirf like mat karo.🙏🙏🙏🙏 @BnfTV Hey Badal, can you please review death parade? I just saw and I need someone with me, coz no one watches anime in my friend circle.

    7. Sharing Happiness

      Badal is best...😎

    8. Twinkle Gupta

      Thdi shram karo.. 😂😂 Filmi indian 🤣🤣(didi ka page haii)


      0:52 best reaction bro😄😄

    10. abheerav a nambiar


    11. KzR TV

      WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT!! THIS MOVIE IS SOO RUBBISH! Its an insult to the original and Govinda acting! What was the point in the remake??? Varun Dhawan is a good actor but this role did not suit him, he was out of his element and to follow in Govinda footstep he lookes childish! Sara Ali Khan DOES NOT know how to act, she had a few lines to say and appeared here and there and even then her acting looked amatueurish! She need acting lessons and gets by in the film industry because she is Saif Ali Khan's daughter! In this movie I think David Dhawan was thinking she can't act so make her wear skimpy sexy clothing as she looks damn hot she will get by! Dont get me wrong she looks DAMN HOT, but lacks the hotness and elegance and grace of a hot Krishma Kapoor. Sara looks very bimboish and sleezy! The movie is a total flop and a waste of time I dont know who the crew and cast think there kidding when they say its a hit movie??? Whats so good about it?? Whats so new and original about it?? Same old songs which are performed way better in the old movie, both Varun and Sara copied steps from the old movie so whats so new, good or original about that? Varun tries to mimik the legend Mithun Chukraborty what a joke, Varun sounds like he's got a sore throat the whole movie and sounds nothing like the legendary Mithunda, an insult if you ask me! Im glad it was lockdown and I didn't waste my money and go the cinema and watch RUBBISH like this on screen! I dont know why the producer and director are trying to pull wool over eyes! This is an insult to David Dhawan name and mostly to Govinda! Rather go and watch a south movie! Watching Sara Ali Khan act is like watching a porn movie, she hardly wears anything and might even be good at it because her screen acting is non existant for sure!! WASTE OF TIME! Makes me sick

    12. Sai Roshan Reddy

      Even judwaa is a remake of the telugu movie hello brother

    13. veeresh d

      Why you r coping insecure didi

    14. Imran Ahmed

      Halwa hain kya rajpal yadav

    15. Krishnesh Chaudhari

      It was Laxmi am I right 🤔🤔

    16. Sekhar Kalita

      Thodi si sharm karo..wali didi..

    17. Moiz Mamu

      😂😂 thumbnail those words 🤣🤣

    18. Sonia Hanspal

      Bhai agar friendzoned ho jao toh ladki ke saath friends with benefits🤗👏👏 dekhna

    19. Shah Rukh Ali

      Haan bhai judwaa bhi remake thi south ki nagarjuna ki karan arjun

    20. vikas Katariya

      Devid dhavan ko delivery boy par film banani chahiye thi aaj ke time me zometo swigi ka jamana hai coolie to bahut kam dikhai dete hai

    21. Ayush Kumar

      5:18 !?

    22. manish Kumar

      Watch this movie on telegram search on telegram Zyw coolie no 1

    23. Ꮮ Lᴀᴡʟɪᴇᴛ

      Song suno bhai ap matlab song dhakna hi chod doge

    24. Mritunjay Tiwari

      Those lines are Awesome End is the beginning and beginning is the end

    25. Himanshu Singla

      I didn't watch the movie neither will, but I m gonna say 'best part of the movie is when movie itself end'😂

    26. digvijaysinh vaghela

      परेश रावल कादर ख़ान के साथ ऐसा कैसे कर सकते है ?🤧

    27. Neel Lodhiya

      Apke review ke phele colli no.1 li ad a gae😂

    28. Pankaj Choudhary

      Kha re gye janaab , coolie no -1 dekhkar parlok to nhi sidhaar gye 🙅😂😂😂😂

    29. Manjit kaur Lamba

      5:25 ye dekhke rona agya😂🥺❤️

    30. amazing world

      Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 bro😂😂

    31. tanmay patra

      Bollywood is a bakwazwood👎👎👎👎

    32. Atharv Sharma

      This 4 magical words took me here

    33. Yt joker

      Bollywood is dumb 😂😂

    34. Akira Ishigami

      Bhai aap please ek bar shinsekai yori Ka review kijiye

    35. vats Sengar

      pamost.info/prom/oJmrfJq7aa6OiJM/v Fun fact - my trailer is better than original coolie no 1 trailer 😂

    36. The 25TH

      Johnny liverr is only the best thing about movie

    37. PRO memes

      Piracy op

    38. Kailash Sharma PK



      Dheeksha didi 😂😂😂

    40. sana behra

      Govinda sir is best

    41. Zaidan Khan

      Boycott bollywood justice for SSR

    42. Tirthankar Ghosh

      Me to Bollywood-Ab tum mujhe tang karne lage ho😂

    43. Tirthankar Ghosh

      Sara Ali Khan to BnfTV-Ab tum mujhe tang karne lage ho😂😂

    44. Sangeet Label

      Tunhe Varun Dhawan accha actor lagta hain🤨 ???? Reply karo

    45. Alok Jha

      3:50 bhai bhari dharam sankat

    46. Feel-O-Xofer

      Bollywood is Garbage Like those who agree👍👍👍

    47. keyman tripura

      Tum saram koro

    48. Abhay Patel

      Bhai as we know Japanese anime adaptation ...i mean in real life.... So why our director don't get rights for their anime story and adapt it in India..... I mean anime will get exposure in India... And anime will get better adaptation in real life....

    49. Abhay Patel

      Are demon slayer ko Dekh na bhai....

    50. gyan talkative

      Itni badi flop hone wali hai new coolie no 1. Acting -0 Overacting -10/10 Nepotism-10/10 Dance - ok Its a murder of script of old coolie no 1

    51. Augustine Gomes

      Nice suggestion .👍

    52. Shaikh Tabu

      Abe chal jaa

    53. Stark Techz

      2020- Bollywood Dil Bechara - Copied from The fault in our stars (Hollywood) Laxmii - Copied from Kanchana (Tollywood) Coolie No. 1 - Copied from Coolie No. 1 (Bollywood itself)

      1. Ms Arman

        Dil bechara copy nahi thi Hollywood ki dono movie same novel per based hai

    54. Monuranjan Dutta

      Bhai troll de di yaar😂

    55. Jit Roy

      Sadak 2

    56. Mr Kn.


    57. Masti time india

      Bollywood bale hindustan ki janta ko pagal samjhte hen Ore bollywood bilkul shi samjhta he kiyu ki hindustani ki janta pagal hi he

    58. Rahul Tingre

      Bhai retro review ki playlist nahi hai kya

    59. Manan moradiya arts

      Review wrong turn all parts

    60. Turbo ishu

      Indian movie maker ko crime ,comedy ,*copied*and kachra movie bana ka pura exprence hai 😂😆 Kyu ki inko science and space to samaj hi nahi aa ta hai

    61. Cool Boy

      Varunardo tatticaprio should won oscer for best overacting 😂😂

    62. bhawana kandel

      Like for dailog (thodi toh Saram Karo)😂😂

    63. Debajit Das

      Main to nahi dekhne wala 😏

    64. Rambha Singh

      Aapko lagta h ki varun dhawan achha actor hai🙄🙄🙄😭

    65. Avinash Raut

      Bollywood Bik chuka he

    66. LONER

      Ctrl C .... Ctrl V😂

    67. subhadip Bera

      বাল দেখবো মুভি!

    68. Tejas yadav

      😂😂ohh bhai

    69. Hrithik goswami

      Aap kiske saath dekhoge

    70. Hrithik goswami

      Sabse best dekho hi mat issko

    71. Light Yagami


    72. twinkles gifts


    73. zero day

      I better watch anime movie 😏

    74. Lin Yen

      New Cookie no 1 tremake.

    75. neha singh

      Govinda sbka bap hy unki copy krna kisi k bs ki bat nhi hy

    76. Dipendra Rana Magar

      The old movies still suitable for current world. It should be remake after +100 years

    77. Charan Kumar

      #BnfTv me tera vdo ko isiliye dislike mara kyu ki bhai jis movie k bare m bata raha hai na......me aage aur nHi bolunga SORRY Vro

    78. Bhagwan Bhakt

      Badhiya hai Tu sahi kaam kar raha hai Ye bollywood waalo ko bas paisa banana hai bas iss se zada kuchh bhi nhi Dhang ki movie banate hai to ye Dumb audience dekhte nhi aur jab bekarr banate hain to fir dekhte hai. Pehle mujhe yahi lgta thaa ki main akela hi hun kya jo bollywood ki movies nahi dekhta par ab pata chala ki mere jaisa ek bada youTuber bbhi hai

    79. Vemu Yaswanth


    80. jaganarthprasad palo

      Yeh pura chutiya haa dark se compare hi mat karo VARUN MEANS overacting king 👑👑inko toh award dena padhega

    81. ADITYA Kadam

      Filmi Indian Roasted😆😆😆

    82. Yash Aiwale

      Dark chal raha hai yaha pe.

    83. all movies

      Tamil movie remake of telugu coolie no 1 1991movie

    84. Roadside Pedestrian

      Maine trailer khola hi tha dislike karne ke liye😂😂

    85. Calvin stephen

      🔥Dracula sir movie review karo masterpiece hain

    86. Bittoo Rai


    87. A.K Gaming

      bhai remake kyu karte ho

    88. subham sahu

      Govinda is better than bollywood

    89. Sathish Amin

      You are really true 👍👍 Govinda is the best 👍♥️

    90. Priyansh Satyam

      Koi toh ghatia movie release honi chaiye haar Saal taki Sab usko gaali dekr bharas Nikal sake, yeh movie wahi hai 😂😂

    91. A 31 Notani Rishi

      Chup baith bey

    92. Swastik Choudhury

      This bnftv guy is legend who says everything openly... About the actor or actress that he is a good actress or actor or these are good... He don't hesitate. ... Hats off to this guy ... But he has yet not reached 500k or1 m... Please everybody help home to reach the milestone

    93. Samragi Chouhan

      End is the beginning....beginning is the end.....dark chal rha hai yaha p😂😂😂😂

      1. Harshit Bawa

        1:26 😂😂😂

    94. karan kumar

      Kyu.... "Kmane k liye..."

    95. अखण्ड भारत

      No filmi indian was harmed in this video

    96. Ali Hamza


    97. SIM Channel

      Ab muze nahi lagata ki yeh bollywood wale sorry remake wale Kabhi Oscar deserving movie bana payenge

    98. ASB Gaming hub

      Your video is more interesting than the movie😇😇😇😇

    99. KARAN K.

      Bhai agar tum isko pad rahe ho toh me highly recommend kar rahaa hoon Is *love enough sir* iss movie ko dekho or review karo isske baare me sab ko pataa hona chahiye ye movie ek hidden gem hai sach me ek baar jarur dekho bhai!!!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏

    100. Review By Tsb

      Varun dhawan ne kitte paise diya uski tarif krne k liye??😒