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    Sanjay Kukreja and BLive Music presents latest hindi romantic sad song "Dekhe Saare Khwaab" sung by Ishaan Khan and featuring Siddharth Gupta & Avneet Kaur. The lyrics and music are given by Apoorv Singh and the video is directed by Nitin FCP & Nadeem Akhtar. This song is created by Mahesh Kukreja.
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    Audio Credits
    Song - Dekhe Saare Khwaab
    Singer - Ishaan Khan
    Composer - Apoorv Singh
    Lyrics - Apoorv Singh
    Music Programmer - Prateek Gandhi
    Mix and Mastered by - Tosief Shaikh
    Violinists - Sachin
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    Video Credits
    Directed By- Nitin FCP & Nadeem Akhtar
    Dop - Vishal Sinha
    Choreographer - Prince Gupta
    Video Production - Mikhill Chandiramani
    Costume Designer - Zoya Amrita Singh
    Asst Director - Shubham
    Production Assistants - Rahul Khanna & Ved Jamsandekar
    Art Director - Joginder
    Associate Director - Shubham Chaudhry
    Drone Operator - Prajyot Shirodkar
    Editor - Nitin FCP
    Online & DI - Nadeem Akhtar
    Creatives - Publicity Design by Vishnu Namdev
    Motion Graphics - Abhimanyu Sahoo
    B-Live Music & Entertainment Team:
    Created by : MK
    Producer : Sanjay Kukreja
    Co-Producer : Varsha Kukreja & Jeetesh Rakheja
    Legal Advisor : Adv. Sahil Dewani
    Travel Partner : Smart Flyer Holidays Pvt Ltd.
    Talent and Operations Manager : Madiha Merchant
    Marketing and Operations Manager : Sajan Jhawar
    Connect with BLive Music:
    Twitter: blivemusic_in
    Copyright BLive Music 2021

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      Purely COPIED video from Enrique Heart attack song. Get something original

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      Scenes are copied from Enrique Iglesias Heart attack song

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    19. mithun arya

      Hindi version of enrique iglesias's heart attack video song copy frame by frame 🤣🤣🤣

    20. Gamerx Scape

      Sidneetians and avneetians support this song

    21. Jugaadsach

      Singer is good but WTF the MV the copy of Enrique Iglesias - Heart Attack fuck you

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      very nice song, Video concept is kinda similar with Enrique Iglesias song (Heart attack)

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      Copied from heart attack of enrique iglesias

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      Kareeb song : 1 week 7.7m views Dekhe saare khwaab : 3 weeks 5.2m views Sidashi song ke 7.7 m views and Avneet ke song ke only 5.2 m views

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      copy he yrr ye song… heart attack ka by enrique

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    40. Prabin Adhikari

      starting is just like song heart attack

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      Ishaan Khan's voice is like Atif Aslam 😌 , Avneet Kaur gorgeousness ❤️, Siddharth Gupta handsome 🔥

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      PLAGIARISM, the video part atleast. Video concept is completely copied from Enrique Iglesias' song, Heart Attack, released back in 2013.

    74. JS - 06RM 986960 Elm Drive PS

      Watch this song:

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