Game Night Stereotypes

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    Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the game night stereotypes!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Thanks for watching guys! COMMENT your favorite line below 😂 ⬇️ __________________________________

      1. GoGoatedPotato

        @SKM hmm let’s see about that

      2. SKM

        @GoGoatedPotato nope

      3. GoGoatedPotato

        @SKM no I’m last 😎

      4. GoGoatedPotato

        @SKM XD I kept spamminh

      5. SKM

        @GoGoatedPotato ya

    2. Cooper Roy

      What's it gonna take to get them to do school stereotypes

    3. Marcus Fenix

      The real question is whose house was that?

    4. Rolley

      Brilliant - Dude...Perfect!

    5. Addison Johansson

      The DND one tho. 😂😂😂

    6. Matt


    7. Joseph Paraiso-Perkins Jr.

      the rage monster instead of the rage monster

    8. Gurcharan Singh

      What about *National Park Tourist* stereotypes

    9. Hugo G4mer2002

      bruh Lebron james a golfer XD

    10. Akiva Rubin

      Are you mocking us D and d players

    11. Joseph Paraiso-Perkins Jr.

      why tyler as the noob why not the purple hoser

    12. Everett Flowers

      Another Athlete, I think he’s a golfer Lebron James You’re killing it!

    13. Taheer Khan

      Unpopular opinion: DP Stereotype videos are better than Trickshot videos

    14. Lolita Lolita

      It’s at 5:55 for me 😂

    15. jie li

      china asking testing 2019 America dead people body! find out corona virus come to where!

    16. Abee Sheker

      i can confirm lebron james is the best golfer.

    17. Lilly Molinaris

      7:56 that cup in the back ground is a restaurant from Texas called water buger

    18. DECG Films

      It would be cool to see a “replacement piece” where you play with random objects because you lost a piece

    19. Jackson Woodham

      Where do they do all their destructive stuff

    20. iExertis

      Who else agrees this was the best stereotype episode?

    21. OffCharted


    22. Kyle VR

      Dude perfect no.1 trending Dude perfect+ no.3 trending

    23. Andrew Wunrow

      Stereotypes has just become one giant "oof" moment when you realize which one you are...

    24. smart man 25

      The rage monster should have been uno or monopoly

    25. Nick Martin

      Punch the dragon!! LOL!

    26. Lillianna Disbennet

      This Chanel is wierd thumbs down don’t spend your time watching him 😡

    27. Joseph Paraiso-Perkins Jr.

      its about time

    28. Eliana Penafiel

      Did anyone notice they’re number 1 on trending


      Great, but you forgot the i wanna put in the last pice (for the puzzle 🧩)

    30. Aquagreen13

      PLEASE tell me they were going to remodel that kitchen anyway

    31. Elijah Ihori

      i think TY is going cyco

    32. Rock Azzaro

      I’m the red guy

    33. Abee Sheker

      Most abnormal things: Math Homework The people that unliked the video.

    34. Rᔕ ㄒᏂia⃠ɢΩ

      Can you do gamers stereotypes? Pls

    35. Hudson Bruce

      I swear y’all destroy a lego set every video 😂

    36. TTV_shxnsur1026

      Hello my name is Ethan I’m 11 years old. I live in Maryland, i was going to go to your tour but.... coronavirus ruined it. But.... next vid idea: taco Tuesday stereotypes. Mr.Toppings The fierce eater. To much meat. Forgets to bring toppings Bathroom 24/27 Huge appetite. The phone Maybe make it? Idk..... but love you guys I’m a huge fan!

    37. Brittany Leimeister

      🤣😂 loved “team chemistry”

    38. jie li

      the India 1 years got 10 million infected people! the Brazilian 1years got 8million infected people! so America how to got 25 million infected people? the only explain it's 2 years! starting 2019 America! 2 years got 20 million infected people in America!

    39. SaintApoc

      I had a hard time with the destruction of the Millennium Falcon.

    40. Red Robin

      “I’m pretty sure he plays golf” LEBRON JAMES 😂😂😂

    41. HockeyBro Gaming

      I thought TEAM CHEMISTRY was real intel 4:33

    42. Savan Panchal

      They destroy Lego again. They have commited high treason

    43. gambainhacks

      6:57 error 404 RANGE MONSTER NOT FOUND

    44. Nolan Bronson

      “He’s a golfer” “Oh LeBron James!”

    45. Three little guineas

      I am the forever dice roller comment if you are

    46. Andy Youtub

      Beard guy, purple hoser, tall guy, and never forget Gale and Tourk

    47. Toilet Gamer


    48. Shiryu_TheAlmighty

      1:05 that’s me just different type of penalties iykwis😈

    49. Ollie Carroll

      He's alive and he 's back for more!!! Cody Jones going for the oscar!! Well played sir

    50. goga asatiani

      when i see your videos i just go on ur channel and Watch every single one of ur videos

    51. Noura Koukache


    52. Yancy Salmoran

      I love your vídeos

    53. mr Trojan

      The first episode of the game seriesMARlo Run

    54. Random Uploads

      I have played clue befor

    55. Burtsy 11

      How did u do the play for fun group

    56. david santana

      2:30 how 2020 started

    57. Price Fam

      Please add a rodeo stereotype!!!

    58. Morgan Gerstner

      hi ohla

    59. Markooska

      Best stereo type ever made😂😂especially the play for fun😂

    60. Jacob Napier Outdoors

      Let’s be honest we all thought the first thing rage mister would do is flip the board with all the pieces on it

    61. Trudy Lewis

      I'm just waiting for the rage monster

      1. Trudy Lewis

        But then I find the rage group

    62. Marco Morpheus

      Everybody knows the rage monster during game night

    63. Alex Hobbs

      Was that Chris’s prat ??star lord ??

    64. Israel Family Adventures

      i loved the rage monster

    65. Harry Rawson

      Where did you get that kangaroo for I’m Australian and we don’t ship them

    66. Royal Roman

      No the millennium Falcon Lego set got obliterated 😭

    67. Just a guy

      6:05 I thought this would trigger the rage monster

    68. Kirby

      ‘It was better then last year’ ... hmm

    69. Render

      Nice job getting number 1 on trending!

    70. Aidan Melancon

      yesssssss a new stereotype!!! tysm dp!!!!! i cant wait to watch it!!!

    71. Vell Vita

      Check out my PAmost

    72. Potater Gaming

      1 on trending,congrats dude...or is it mr perfect

    73. Lee M

      Y’all should do school stereotypes

    74. jonah hydzik

      Breaking the millennium falcon hurt so much

    75. Harrison Dawber


    76. TheHappyCar—THC

      Congrats on having #1 on trending.

    77. Jared Rosenblatt

      Lol budget Cobra Kai

    78. Chris Luna

      I lost some of my soul when the falcon hit the ground

    79. Lisa Azar

      Subscribe To Mitchell gaming please

    80. Mr. Quacks

      Next do gaming sterioye types

    81. Yummy Fun

      Punch the Dragon!! LOL!

    82. Donovan Martin

      The noob; the show made it sound more exciting than this LOLOLOL 🤣 i got that

    83. Kirby

      Not watched a stereotypes video in AGES

    84. Artemiy Anosov

      The lego millenium falcon rlly hurt

    85. Fort Sheyenne

      I was so worried he wasn’t going to do rage monster like in every other one 😂

    86. Mom's Support

      How is this number 1 on trending? Congrats!

    87. Dona Duck

      The forever roller is SO ANNOYING I'm the forever roller 😀😬

    88. YT Brickboi

      so funny!

    89. H Sobers

      That dude caught a full middle school powerbomb. Yup Subbed

    90. YGSdawn

      There was so MUCH destruction in this video...

    91. Nathaniel Lazo

      Is it funny I watched this after watching playing a 10 hour game of risk?

    92. Wyatt Korth

      number 1 one trending

    93. Yeet or be yeeted

      The d and d scene offended me bc I play it 😢

    94. Joaquin Delgado

      They put so much work into their videos. Much love DP

    95. Game Stop

      Remember when people used to buy video game in stores? 😰

    96. Mason Dupuis

      Oh, man I needed that

    97. Lucky Skills

      Legendary video🙏😀

    98. Ayden Gonzalez

      happy number 1 trending we love you guys

    99. Ricardo Bragança

      Its not rage monster anymore its super saian!!!!!!!!

    100. Juul Cuppens

      8:20 First time or was the lego star destroyer Now the lego melinium Falcon My heart broke again