Armaan Malik - How Many (Official Music Video)

Armaan Malik

2.9 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼390

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    “One of the hardest decisions in a relationship is when to call it quits and close a chapter for good. It’s really tough when you love somebody to just give up..even after the 100th time, the truth is, as long we love them, we try one more time. The question is - how many times are you willing to try?”
    Video Credits -
    Starring: Armaan Malik, Kristin Yavorska
    Directors: Shivin & Sunny
    Cinematography: Anuj Samtani
    Production Company: Collective Art Pvt. Ltd.
    Executive Producers: Saurabh Kabra & Ajay Pathak
    Producers: Shivin, Deepak Bhosle & Hashim Bachooali
    Line Producer: Rajan Yadav
    Editor: Shivin
    Colorist: Loren James White
    Post Production Supervisor: Shantanu Ray
    CG Artist: Kiran Dharia
    Online Artist: Sandeep Patel
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    1. Armaan Malik

      Lyrics: Remember when I’d throw stones at your window, I could tell you’re the one you’re the end goal. We were set, we were what everyone wants. No one thinks when you’re deep, and you’re in it. Communicate like we’re on different planets. It was time, it was done, but we didn’t end no. Look at us now what have we become. I don’t recognize us anymore. How many times can we break our hearts? How many times can we fall apart? As long as I love you, As long as you love me too. How many times can we let it go? After all of it, what is left to show? Nothing we wanted, what would we call it? How many, how many... Here we go, go again guess I’m back here. Different place, different ways, same as last year. All we know only us we never change. Look at us now what have we become. I don’t recognize us anymore. How many, how many... How many times can we break our hearts? How many times can we fall apart? As long as I love you (as long as I love you), As long as you love me too (long as you love me too). How many times can we let it go? After all of it, what is left to show? Nothing we wanted, what would we call it? When it’s nothing that we wanted (how many, how many) So tell me what’d we call it? (how many, how many) When it’s nothing that we wanted, (how many, how many) So tell me what’d we call it? How many, how many... How many times can we let it go? After all of it, what is left to show? Nothing we wanted, what would we call it? How many, how many, how many...

      1. Oyshi Chowdhury

        Nice song 😍❤️

      2. Chandni K

        Thanks you Armaan bhaiya for a new and fabulous song ❤️❤️, you are the best singer in the world 😘😘👍👍

      3. Sumaiya Rimjhim


      4. piyush sharma

        Hope this song got 3 million soon ...biggest fan of u sir❤❤❤❤🥰🥰#armanian .....your every song is amazing 🥰.......hope I will see you in my real life at once and meet u ...its my dream 🙂🙂❤

      5. Aparna Gaikwad

        Sach a awesome song 👌👌❤️❤️

    2. Prasiddhi Adhikari

      Blessed to be able to start my day by listening to this.

    3. Marathi Knowledge Village

      मित्रांनो खालील बाबींवर मी PAmost चॅनल सुरू केले आहे . ◾️ Bestseller पुस्तकांचे मराठीतून सारांश ◾ रोजच्या जीवनात उपयोगी येईल असे ज्ञान ◾️ यशस्वी लोकांच्या प्रेरणादायी कथा व प्रसंग ◾ Personality Development साठी टिप्स व ट्रिक्स तर चॅनलला सबस्क्राइब करा व‌‌ मराठी भाषेला प्रोत्साहन द्या . 👉

    4. Aiman Bhimanu

      This songs make me feel like how India is rn



    6. Shivangi Swaraj

      Armaan #HowMany times will you make me cry & smile at the sAMe time 😭💙

    7. Kinjal Mileche

      Have no words to describe this song. Just so addicted to this one. Armaan #HowMany times will you leave me speechless with your astonishing talent.

    8. Aashish Raheja

      Best English Akcent in India

    9. Kshitij_Vedak

      Damn..... This content is international level.... He is representing India on an international too.. Great ❤️

    10. Shivangi Swaraj

      I can feel the tabla sound (maybe it's another instrument which sounds alike) throughout the video & at 2.21 it can be heard clearly!! This shows the love & respect that Armaan have for our Indian culture & heritage.. A TRUE artist He is!!!

      1. Shivangi Swaraj

        Thank you so much Prince 😭💙

    11. Sora in Utopia

      Feeling like addicted to this song...I-

    12. Shivangi Swaraj

      #HowMany times will you make me addicted to your songs Armaan?

    13. Shivangi Swaraj

      This song is dope!! Can't get over..

    14. Amina Josephine

      Love you 😍

    15. Hellow Brother

      Salute Boss. Watching from Bangladesh

    16. Mini Aggarwal

      Making india🇮🇳 proud

    17. Mini Aggarwal

      Lots of luv

    18. ME I

      It sounds like a post malone song

    19. Shivani Patel

      Obsessed 💙


      Pure love for him from india ❤️

    21. Nitika Sana

      Waiting for BTS video of this! 🥺😛

    22. Khurshida Jafor

      Now, I'm thinking how would Control x How Many sound? 😳💙

    23. Swarnima Srivastava

      Me- #howmany times will you steal my heart Armaan- as long as I love you, as long as you love me too (conclusion - forever)

    24. armaals. planet

      His voice is the peace to my heart :)

    25. Khurshida Jafor

      Chahe kuch bhi bolo ARMAAN MALIK is the BEST 😌💙

    26. Khurshida Jafor

      We're not getting over this beauty! So tell me, what'd we call it? 🥺💙

    27. i 10

      You should collab with ananya birla once. she is also grt in english songs

    28. Akshay

      Are Bhai weekend ki itni bhi copy mat kr,Pura kha Gaya ye weekend ko

    29. Aditya Choudhary

      Proud of you armaan malik 🎉🙏

    30. Emaan Fatima

      Yes how many times?...As long as I become enough rigid may Be

    31. Saransh Singh

      You are making us proud as Indians.

    32. Puja Shirke


    33. DeepLyrics

    34. anjali mundra


    35. anjali mundra

      It's amazing, bop!!!

    36. anjali mundra

      Cannot wait for Behind The scenes

    37. anjali mundra

      Armaan Malik Slay as always!

    38. anjali mundra

      I don't recognize us anymore

    39. anjali mundra

      But we didn't end no!

    40. anjali mundra

      We were set, we were everyone wants

    41. Princeton Colaco

      Lucky boy

    42. RUJU Z

      Who from USA


      Look at you now, what have you become? The whole world can recognise you now❤❤


      I feel like recognising Armaan version 2.0❤️...completely a different one....There you go Armaan sir....making India proud🙏🙏

    45. Samiksha Mishra


    46. Muskan Dhariwal

      Love u Arman Malik 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌈🌈🌈🌈😊🥰🥰🥰😊

    47. Prasiddhi Adhikari

      hits different every time I listen to this..

    48. suresh Choudhery

      New haircut !!!😙

    49. Samikshya

      Starboy killing it and how ✨

    50. Naran Saha


    51. Anshul Saxena

      This guy's gonna rock the world!!

    52. sana khan


    53. Hasnath Ka

      Its sounds so promising....he is getting better at this genre..too many things changed after "control"....pop music has a lot of possibility in India as we have better musicians to offer better music and better platforms too .and mostly we have a domestic audience of 121 crores

    54. SIR

      After every 1000 indian effort to make global level song, such '1' song gets success!!

    55. athiba Taskeen

      Proud to be a armaanian you killed it Armaan . Armaan Malik rocked other singers shocked 😯🤯😳😲😮

    56. Zado max

      Indian Justin Bieber ❤️

    57. Prasiddhi Adhikari

      No matter what the world says, I’m proud you..there will come a day when everyone in this world will know about your music, your voice and your worth.. Sending lots of love and support to you Armaan

    58. Ruma Biswas


    59. Rimsha

      2.8 million views!!!!!

    60. Akshay

      He is copying Weekend style,file copyright case against him. Weekend bnega 😂😂😂

      1. Akshay

        @Manjusha Rajendra Barguje isko lip sink bhi nhi aata itna duplicate gana kbhi suna nhi , Kisi ki copy kroge to aisa hi hoga

      2. Manjusha Rajendra Barguje

        Haan chal nikal kaha hai yaha pe weekend style, his hairs, music, voice, everything is unique💙

    61. Darshana Phad

      We don't know how many times but surely you won't even once break out heart...

    62. Manasvi Vashishtha


    63. Monika

      He is really true artist ❤️ Trying to make Indian pop globally. deserves more attention than other bollywood songs

    64. Manasvi Vashishtha

      Best Music video by any Indian artist everr!!!!

    65. Manasvi Vashishtha

      BEST TRACK OF 2020 FOR SURE. !!

    66. Manasvi Vashishtha

      Our Starboy!!!!

    67. Manasvi Vashishtha

      Armaan's vocals and tone!!!!! Ufff!!! So captivating and enthralling!!!! Armaan is UNBEATABLE!!!

    68. Manasvi Vashishtha

      Never getting over this beauty!!!

    69. Manasvi Vashishtha

      So in love with this masterpiece!!!!

    70. Manasvi Vashishtha

      Love Armaan's charming looks in the video!!!!

    71. Tanvi Sanotra

      Let's just stream his songs that's the thing what we can do and can have the name of 🇮🇳 india on big charts. Thank u Armaan for representing and making india proud.

    72. Manasvi Vashishtha

      Ahh! The drop is so sickk!!!

    73. Manasvi Vashishtha

      Love the hook!!!

    74. Akshay

      Shawn mendis lite version 😂😂😂😂

    75. Manasvi Vashishtha

      It literally grows on you

    76. Manasvi Vashishtha

      Love how this song picks up

    77. Manasvi Vashishtha

      This one deserves all the love in the world!!!


      And i don't even know #howmany times I've listen it 😌

    79. Maya Shemul

      Amazing 🎼🤟

    80. MU Siam

      Let's see how many people are watching this Today? 👇

    81. Pankaj Singh

      Towards Grammy

    82. Prasiddhi Adhikari

      In love with this one since this released!

    83. Roohi Qureshi

      find me someone so versatile as Armaan Malik. I won't be disappointed if you fail ;)

    84. Makanaekokkie

      Guys just imagine everyday 1 million people are watching this Waoh

    85. Makanaekokkie

      Hey armaan sir It's just a recommendation that you can make songs which are not about love , breakups or anything maybe something different you know???? I am sure you can do this Love yah

    86. Karan Dabhade

      Mind blowing song😘😘😘

    87. Sineth wanigarathna


    88. Yusha Tabassum

      You have a very good tast of music!! 🥺💙

    89. Yusha Tabassum

      How many times you will break the records 🥺💙

    90. Yusha Tabassum

      You are idiosyncratic Armaan 🥺💙

    91. Yusha Tabassum

      You are incredible 💙🥺

    92. vidya shree

      For #howmany hearts u wanna kill armaan😉

    93. SR. MUSIC

      Now Arman Malik is next after shreya Ghoshal mam who represents the India 😊

      1. Rawfar Nidra

        Shreya how!?

    94. Vaishnavi

      His vocals are great🥺❤️

    95. Sahida Akhtar

      On loop 🎧🎧

    96. Ambaprasad Patidar

      100000000000000 killed it

    97. pratusic musical band and vlogs

      Nice work Arman

    98. i gopal

      Nice songs

    99. Sakshi Jaiswal

      Both Arman Malik and Ananya Birla make us proud by their beautiful and magical voice on international platform🥰🥰😍😍🤩🤩

    100. 방탄소년o

      I'm not Indian bt i feel so proud of you💜 soon you and your songs will also able to be in billboard music chart💜 best of luck🎉

      1. Hima Chavda

        This is so sweet of you , it would mean world to all of us if you share it with your mutuals and add how many in your Spotify streAMing playlist