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  1. jroaduri

    Marcus laugh 😂😂😂

  2. ctgstudios421


  3. Brendan Bayron

    Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh have 5 years left on their contracts to make something happen.. it makes little to no sense to bet it all on the 32nd ranked QB in the league Sam Darnold. Joe Flacco really outplayed him in his starts. I hope Sam succeeds somewhere else- I wouldn’t feel regretful at all if he does.

  4. Sebastian Alvarez

    I needa kno where he got dat Kobe hoodie

  5. Raushaun virgil

    Trying to be Woj soo bad😂😂

  6. ReckHouseCO

    He’s on crack if he think the Jets can get Deshaun and their number 2 pick. He’s on even more crack for thinking they’d go Devonta at 2

  7. Cane

    Mel kipper the same dude that said mitch trubisky was the best qb in that draft.

  8. Nava Che

    I take Justin Fields over Trevor Lawrence any day. 15 racist disrespect again it never changes. I'm done with watching this rigged league. Have fun

  9. Jake Winokur

    This mock was horrible

  10. Joseph Mixon

    jamar didn't have a chance to play? LOL yes he did. he chose not to (for whatever reasons that may be) but he DID have a chance to play

  11. David Stutz

    So what Mel is saying is that Tua sucks? His WR group in college r nfl top 5 picks

  12. Nate Lowe

    Very Proud Boy of him lol


    If you were to give Sam Darnold the same talent that Josh Allen had ...... Sam Darnold would be just as good a quarterback that Josh Allen is.... maybe better.

    1. Brendan Bayron


    2. TheGoldenhill


  14. Marc Allen

    Mel Kiper and Todd McShay get it wrong so often. McShay is probably worse, but neither is great. McShay said Justin Herbert should go back to school for a year. He had a 2nd round grade on Watson. Now he says Fields need to go back a year. Fields has been the most accurate QB on passes over 10 yards of anyone in the group in 2020. He was the #1 rated pocket passer in 2019 by PFF. I'm convinced these draft analyst don't watch that much film. If you watch 22 games of Justin Fields and come away with anything other then the Northwestern game was an anomaly then pick another guy and lose your job in a year or two. I think Wilson can be good, but his film looks like I'm watching a sandlot QB. He makes a lot of plays that are strong arm, bad decision throws. You can do that when you're playing Liberty. He'll have to improve on that.

  15. ninmabutt

    Zach Wilson > Sam Darnold

  16. Grune D

    Devonta gave us everything from 2-26, to staying through his senior year, records, and everything. ✅

  17. Raiders 79

    Chase is younger and better.

  18. Bobby Mahaffey

    This year's free agency could change this whole draft with the QBs who will be available

  19. Lu Diablo

    Mel Kiper is a 🤡

  20. Juan Solano

    how does this guy still have a job?

  21. Johntavious Hardwell

    Wait...he is a sophmore! Does he gotta wait for the next 2 years?

  22. Kay Ahmed

    gonna be a Detroit Lion soon!!

  23. Kim Lamberth Matic

    No matter how many wide receivers are projected for 1st and 2nd round, I am sure the Green Bay won't select any of them.

  24. kcirrad51


    1. Carl Billingsley

      Go back and watch last season then when smith also led the team with yards and TDs

  25. Lord Queso

    When will people realize that this guy is really just someone who watches a lot of college football. Never played, just watched football. His opinion shouldn’t mean much 🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  26. Franklyn Stubbs

    I LOVE Waddle Smith And Chase To To And Marshal

  27. Adrian Oliver

    I think this year's draft is going to be more entertaining than last year

  28. Cave Troll

    Wilson = Best NFL Ready LongTerm QB.

  29. Silly Goose

    this guy is one of the stranger humans

    1. Marty Mcfly

      i hear you but stop smoking

  30. Aggiesfan12

    I have to agree but if Zach goes that early then his future might be shot (because most teams up there are very poorly run)

  31. KBC 123

    Dude Nobody friggin knows! & this is the genius of the draft. No one knows anything except the Team with the 1st overall pick.

  32. Chris Sexton

    1:58 when DC fanboys ask why you don’t care about their movies

  33. Andrew Brown

    In the interest of well being amongst all geogians,we should find a name for UGA's teams that represents all creeds,colors,and prederences and do away with emblematic symbols of slavery and oppression,we must change the name of the georgia bulldogs to something more representative to our cultures...

  34. Rhguinn

    I can't even see his mock bc it's on espn + but I still know it's cheeks

    1. Ismael Hermosillo, Jr.

      lmfao at cheeks hahaha. Lowkey it is

  35. Vishaal Venugopal

    lawrence: jags wilson: jets fields: lions lance: panthers this is what will happen imo.....lance is a project qb who'll sit for a year....and learn while teddy is the bridge qb..the other 3 can start right out the gate

  36. preston collis

    3 in the top 6🤦🏻‍♂️

  37. Doug Ro

    Tua to DeVonta next year with Najee Harris at RB. The Alabama Dolphins. On a side note: Mel said he would retire if Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen didn’t become a star QB in the NFL....but Mel is still around.

    1. Auburn Choke

      Oline exists

    2. Jonah Lopez

      I'm a bigger fan of "Miami Crimson Tide" myself

  38. Daryl Street

    Justin Fields to the Lions? YESS!

  39. Doggy Style

    Mel has not aged well. That hairline has taken a detour the past 10 years.

  40. Quaron Oglesby-Henry

    It’s funny how he said “delonte smith” lol

  41. E.A.D95

    It’s simple the age of the receiver is back

  42. InSearchOf

    He’s going to Detroit baby!!

  43. Ernesto Uribe

    Mel is Darnold's biggest fan

    1. Caleb Templeton

      Trust me, I AM!

  44. Mikey Hope

    What a bad mock

  45. Jake loughman


  46. tdouble21

    If you draft a receiver in the top 5 you’re a fool.

    1. tdouble21

      @Bobby Mahaffey then you can get him at 16 like Rice lol

    2. Bobby Mahaffey

      What if one of them is the next jerry Rice

  47. Darkmaster 23

    I'm surprised that "The Flea Kicker" wasn't in here. And this is from a die-hard Mizzou fan!

  48. Isaac Gordon

    But he thinks Pitts will drop to 11?

    1. Jay

      @Isaac Gordon he not going top 10 maybe top 15

    2. Isaac Gordon

      @Aggiesfan12 What? He was an excellent route runner and blocker at the college level. I’ll admit he probably needs to bulk up if he wants to block the big boys in the NFL, but even if he doesn’t he still has the best hands of anyone in the draft.

    3. Aggiesfan12

      Why not? He can’t really block and isn’t the greatest rout runner ever, he’s basically just a really big receiver and there are many receivers I’d take over him, I’m not saying he’s overrated or something he’s still great

    4. Jay

      He will maybe lower

  49. Jay Brown

    So ya'll really think Justin Fields is that far away from Trevor Lawrence huh?...ok👌🏾✌🏾

    1. Monsuta Man

      In skin tone or Quarterbacking? The latter, Fields is better.

    2. jmiami89

      Exactly. Fields is going to be a super star in the nfl & make these guys look like dumbasses.

  50. Jonathan

    I hope he’s only saying this only to not get bored while making Mocs😭

  51. Chuck's Truck

    I really appreciate the it’s not me against him comment. I hate it when a game is introduced as Brady vs Brees. It’s not. It’s team vs team.

  52. Kenyatta Clay

    The last time a WR that was drafted in the top 15 was on a super bowl winning team that drafted him was Michael Irving in 1988 (1996 super bowl). Even if that receiver turns out to have a hall of fame career the return on investment on drafting a receiver that high is not worth it. Just like running backs it’s too easy to find receivers at the bottom of the 1st round or later in the draft.

    1. Mikey Hope

      I feel the second round is such a sweet spot for receivers/tight ends/running backs. First round should be used on both lines, quarterbacks, and corners.

  53. Robert Harvey


  54. Don Rob

    Kyle Pitts will be the best out of all of them...SIZE 6'6..STRENGHT 245...SPEED👍

    1. Bobby Mahaffey

      Pitts was a great TE but the guy from ole miss can hold his own .

    2. Carl Billingsley

      @rambo warrior no Devontae had 1200 yards and like 16 TDs last season too yall don’t be watching forreal

    3. Mo Alston

      @Neill Tavernier devonta smith is going first receiver

    4. rambo warrior

      @Neill Tavernier Lol it took devonta four years to have a season like chase had in the first season he got meaningful snaps. Flip the tape on kid. If you understand football and aren’t consumed by recency bias then you’ll see that chase is the better prospect. Anyone can look good in the bama offense. Ruggs and Jeudy were the first two receivers taken last year and neither of them were top 5 rookie receivers

    5. Big D

      Pitts won't do well. Maybe after several yrs.

  55. mccraejoey82

    No way 01 Miami is not top 2

  56. Stanley Marrero

    Mel is always wrong. Smh

    1. Shine4TheCam

      Hes not always wrong. Yall just like to highlight his wrong doings

    2. mankuro

      1:37-2:25 Nah not this time


    Idk why, but this years draft is going to be epic and worth watching...

    1. Ryan Music

      A lot of good talent and a lot of different team needs!

    2. The Don


  58. Miss Bomba Claudie TV

    Ohio State QBs struggle in the NFL . Just look at Dwayne Haskins.

  59. GoodKarmaNiles

    Trevon diggs still having nightmares about Jamar Chase 😂😂

    1. Shine4TheCam

      @Joseph Simmons bengals taking him

    2. Joseph Simmons

      If the Eagles draft him its gonna be a nightmare for him all over again 😂😂

    3. Neill Tavernier

      Stingley had two years of nightmares of DeVonta Smith.

    4. Cedric Snow

      @Cj Miles my thoughts exactly. Did that boy something nasty 😂😂

    5. Cj Miles

      Dont forget aj terrell😂

  60. Steven Garrison

    I believe Jets take Sewell

    1. The Mookman

      @theocratickingdom30 bc having 2 Bookend Tackles sounds nice to have which it is but who is he throwing to is my question

    2. theocratickingdom30

      Why take a RT that high?

    3. The Mookman

      Idk if they stay at 2 WR is the better pick you need to find out if Darnold is the guy bc apparently he has no weapons

  61. Rebel Rouser

    Of course he does. I expect lawrence and jones to go ahead of Fields... I might be wrong, but their respective careers in the NFL will prove me correct.

    1. Rebel Rouser

      @BonaFide Connections lol. Well see.

    2. BonaFide Connections

      Naw!! Fields will be much better then both

  62. iAmRicharddd

    “Mel Kiper explains putting 6 kickers in the top 6 of his 2021 NFL Mock Draft”

  63. The Woke Sports Fan

    Mel Kiper is washed. This man throwing darts at the board blindfolded and coming on TV defending it.

  64. Cream City Boy

    Can't wait until NFL draft

    1. Albert Zinger

      @TANK SHERMAN cause of COVID obviously lol


      No combine😩

  65. Vinny B

    Fields is easily better than Wilson. Wilson is gonna bust or be a Carr. Fields is the next Russ but bigger.

  66. Stephen H. Smith

    mel kiper, youre a drunk old man

  67. Cream City Boy

    Zach Wilson should NOT go ahead or Justin Fields

    1. Block Head

      But he will.

  68. Wyatt Redman

    Broncos should draft Mac jones or trey lance

    1. Bobby Mahaffey

      Denver needs a proven veteran QB .Be a playoff contender immediately

    2. Tyler g

      @STEWIE JUST SAID THAT offense wins games, Defense wins championships🤫

    3. Jay

      @Wyatt Redman not more then baby Wentz👶🍼🍼🍼🍼

    4. Jay

      Y’all can have Wentz for a cool number 1 & a 2 next yr

    5. Big D

      Mac will be a really qb in the NFL. I don't like the way they throw these young qbs in playing the 1st yr

  69. Bible Stories

    Almost first

  70. Brenden Bennefield

    No no no Mac Jones would go higher

  71. Chef Cam’s Cooking Show


  72. Sterling Johnson

    It’s not broken, it just needs the next stage of its inevitable evolution

  73. Richard Kulig

    Sorry forgot 5) Zach Wilson

  74. Richard Kulig

    1) Lawrence 2) Justin Fields 3) Mac Jones 4) Trey Lance

    1. jmiami89

      @BonaFide Connections I agree💯

    2. BonaFide Connections

      1) Fields 2) Lawrence 3) Mac Jones 4) Trey Lance


    Bama brought back all its players from a year ago since they didn't make the playoffs. OSU lost alot to the NFL. Imagine if we had all our starters from a year ago stay this year. Yall hyping Bama up tomuch. Same team that didn't even get to the playoffs. OSU winsthis gsme if 4 D line guys not out plus Serrmon gets hurt first play of the game. Now imagine our whole roster staying like Bamas did, from last year. OSU would have a super team

  76. Terrell K

    The entire body of work is being ignored because Zach had a good year.

    1. Vaihn

      @Yahya Tacneau i sorta kinda agree it’s also like that with the head coaching jobs it’s just a preference. Back in the day the use to say the black man wasn’t smart enough to be qb. Look at Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson they are changing the game. I wish the best for Justin Fields and hope my saints have a chance to trade up and get him

    2. Yahya Tacneau

      no because hes white....yeah i said it....sorry but true....hes smaller, not as athletic, didnt win anything in college besides the boca raton bowl against UCF...and he got small hands a kicker body and played against cupcakes...n no mentions his bad game against coastal carolina n the way he played the other 2 years he was at BYU.....put it this way if wilson was black no press....n if fields was white wed all hear how its elway n marino (warren moon)....with trevor lawrence n justin fields....and anyone who disagrees is full of it....too much underlined sutle racist views and analyst come nfl drat time every year they find a magical white qb that trumps all elite black qbs accomplishments....cam newton blaine gabbert....russell wilson brock osweiler .....dak prescott goff wentz...mahommes watson trubisky...lamar jackson rosen mayfield allen darnold....mel kiper and these so called experts do this same dance every year

  77. MotivationRUs

    Kiperand Mcshay gave Watson/Mohomes a second round grade and Trubisky a first round grade ... two of those guys now have big money contracts and the other one is about to get traded after his rookie contract

    1. jmiami89

      Yup. Always trust what these guys say 💪

  78. ColdPika

    and now he's going to the Superbowl with da Chiefs!

  79. Heru In Exile

    This guy every year has something negative for a young QB. I do not want to say race. Jackson made him look stupid.

  80. Austin Hannemann

    Wilson is the next MAHOMES!!! Haha

    1. Miss Bomba Claudie TV

      He is more like Dehaun Watson.