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  1. M Asif

    Weldone sharjeel

  2. Merry Patras

    I think this song is quite good ...We should be more appreciative rather than being satirising and thats the bitter reality of our society

  3. Fun with Danny


  4. King Khan

    Sharjeel khan ♥️♥️♥️


    Shadab Khan also underpressure

  6. EbadDoes Minecraft

    KarAchi eeeeeee islamabad has reached hieght limit of 2 just kidding

  7. Life Livers


  8. Raj Jadhav

    Khatarnak Performance.. Luv u Atif, Imran and my Pakistani Brothers..

  9. 匚卄么尺丂丨

    Jis Jis Nai Dislike kiya hai ohh Multan sultan walai hai Haha

  10. Safwood Fear

    It's My dream to see Sharjeel and fakhar as an opners for national team

  11. rida Rajpoot123

    Mazy ka hai yar song Mujh toh acha lga

  12. CoBrA Yt

    I love psl

  13. Bisma 2386

    karachi king

  14. Spark Troop

    did you started rick rolling or what???

  15. Riffat Fatima1979

    look at shadabb

  16. aisha khan

    I love the Karachi

  17. Anzeelah Zaidi

    Psl send love to my comment ❤️

  18. Why am I Alive


  19. ahmed the gamer

    f u nasibolal

  20. Anzeelah Zaidi

    Psl to love hy ❤️❤️🤗

  21. GR-NOVA Gaming

    You Really are here After Psl 6's Ceremony, Right!?

  22. Mohammed Kabeer

    Who is here after his 100 !!!!

  23. zuairk

    @PakistanSuperLeague WHY THERE'S NO LIVE STREAM???

  24. Abhây Sharma

    Love from India 🇮🇳

  25. Usman Pirzada

    What a rubish

  26. I'm abrar

    Sharjeel the match-fixer

  27. FLASH

    Big fan of peshawar zalmi

  28. Salman Ahmed

    Kya Ajeeb Mazak hai Aj ka match live he nahi dehk rahe ho

  29. Annie Khan

    Kings rocked United shocked

  30. Even better

    all dumb records

  31. Expensive Games Tv

    Very good song

  32. Rayqaiserfreed rayqaiserfreed


  33. Ramsha Chandio

    This song is being bashed for literally no reason, It's actually pretty cool track!

  34. Gul Gifts Printnig

    wooow great great match love Zalmi..

  35. Sagheer TV

    Yar Live chalo

  36. MAH Hamdani

    Achy din😒😒😒 Watching in 2021👀

  37. omer ali

    Thats awsome! I dont know why people are disliking it.

  38. Tecnoz Gamer Family

    Islamabad Sahar kro zra sabar kro

  39. Devesh Yadav

    Sharjeel is next don bradman 🔥🔥 shadab is next ajanta mendis 😂😂😂😂

  40. Murshad Gaming YT

    Lahore qalander ♥️

  41. KidzToys &Education

    This song smashing previous records of PSL songs

  42. Partham sharma


  43. Vicky James

    Pakistan zindabaad🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  44. Khushi Muhammad

    Only liking this song for young stunner

  45. khan baba 6


  46. Hafiza Zainab Ahmad


  47. COOL BOY

    Sharjeel and babar on fire 🔥🔥


    I really like this music ♥️♥️

  49. COOL BOY

    Everyone is watching psl now that's why not many comments.

    1. QA Gaming World


  50. Asma Mirza

    3 out pa 3 no ball...aj tw qismaf sath h karachi ky 😂😂😍

  51. asd asdf

    Imran khan aur atif aslam i subscribe your channel

  52. Akshay

    Muscles power of sharjeel 💪

  53. Sheikh Suleiman


  54. Mrs. Ashfaq Sulehri


  55. Mrs. Ashfaq Sulehri

    Talha engum

  56. Mrs. Ashfaq Sulehri


  57. Mrs. Ashfaq Sulehri


  58. Mrs. Ashfaq Sulehri


  59. Mrs. Ashfaq Sulehri

    The vest

  60. •Størmy DaWølf•

    All the dislikes are the 8 year olds who thought they were getting free Vbucks

  61. Rufi Bhai

    Yar acha gana ha

  62. javaid rehman

    Great effort by both teams, it was such a thrilling match

  63. Afaq Wattu

    Feeling happy with 609 other

  64. Farid Bilal

    Plzz do live match plzzzz

  65. anonymous video

    Peshawar zalmi zindabad

  66. Malik Khan

    Shadab I am also with you in this critical moments😦☺️😌

    1. Annie Khan


    2. Devesh Yadav


  67. hurais ahmed Stargate campus


  68. Haleem Mansoor

    Good to see Fakhar playing well after quite some time.

  69. YouTube Kashmir


  70. Hk Editz

    Sharjeel on fire 🔥🔥💯

  71. Mohammad Khan

    Sharjeel/Akml ko lo pak 11 me Plz🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌

  72. Aa Records

    PCB live stream bhi keru yaar

  73. Aa Records

    If patience had a face just see the Lahore qalendars ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Nimra khan

    What a match it was unbelievable match zalmii💛

  75. salman education

    Ay hay wah wah 💜

  76. Awesamo FF

    imran is good lkn kya hota agr bohemia hota toh like karo bohemia fans next season chahiyn Bohemia in psl S7

  77. Usman ASiF Gaming YT

    Pcb Di pain nu lan

  78. mahnaz khalid

    Please! Live dikha dia kryn. It's a request

  79. Talha Barkat

    Peshawar zalmi's fielding isnt good🙁