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  1. Anita Arsyad_84

    My favorite actor, Hiroyuki Sanada

  2. Dabermcdabberson

    Grandma did that dirty dance in the hallway


    It's 8 months already 😳

  4. Nuzulul Hakim

    Godzila is our friend...

  5. Keifus Mathews

    Wish I was AJ love ...She will always be someone I wish I could get to know

  6. Gülay Inanmisik

    In IMAX and dolby cinema 9.3.20 Heaven & hell available 9.18.20

  7. Vazquez Herrera Alejandro

    I watch this trailer every day to remind myself why I am still alive.

  8. Engine

    i prefer jessica from fresh off the boat

  9. -cinnamaon_studios-


  10. Rogelio Burola


  11. Rosa Rivera

    30,000,000 already

  12. Gui Antonioli


  13. Marco Felix 117


  14. sushma Sharma

    I am here after covid 19

  15. Los MilloNarioS 15

    fail mexican translation for spanish, they sound like .... st pds ... mexicans are not pro for nothing .. pls make translation for any latin country, we all are diferent, was so fail they are just SH ing full hispanic transalations ..

  16. SuperNovaPlays

    I read this book recently...."Nine" by Rachelle Dekker....This has similar vibes.

  17. Marco Felix 117

    The Best film about Monters

  18. Marco Felix 117

    This film Is better than Aquaman

  19. Marco Felix 117

    Do Man of Steel 2 Please Warner

  20. Marco Felix 117

    Que hiciste Warner 🤦

  21. Marco Felix 117

    This Is better than MonsterVerse

  22. Cynthia Hrdz-Fristo

    I can't wait to see this and see if it did justice to the original!

  23. Aashiq

    Should have opted for Denzel instead of his son who got ZERO acting skills.

  24. Phil

    I saw Bladerunner 2049 for the first time a few weeks ago (rewatched it almost immediately): I know what Denis Villeneuve can do, and anyone who's read Dune knows what a cosmically phenomenal story it is. If all the pieces fall into place (as they seem to be), then this may be the defining film of a decade

  25. Rahul Das


  26. Tugus Gaming P

    Jota kenapa gak bahasa indo

  27. Aritra Palui

    Came here after pubg added this❤️

  28. ZEL R

    and for anybody that liked the movie please reconsider your life choices..

  29. ZEL R

    Literally couldn't watch it for more than 45 minutes asking myself why I didn't turn it off sooner but thats what happens when you invest some of your hard earned cash.(sunken cost effect). Junk!

  30. George S.


  31. Capri Watson

    I'm readyyy

  32. Brombrom's Muva

    This movie made me so angry

  33. Jo Lo

    Though they had something called spice

  34. Elijah Argumedo

    Godzilla: saves humans from extinction Kin Kong: Monkey dude that climbs buildings. Humans: The world needs King Kong

  35. Anakin Skywalker

    #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheAyerCut

  36. zzzmmmaaa

    Let’s see each other 4 years later with a new batman trailer

  37. Arjun Anindita Sinha

    My favourite couple are back

  38. Vampunz

    I love this movie.

  39. Maximum predator Slayer

    I loved zack Snyder’s take on superman

  40. DigitalBerserk

    The Dune is 2 inch deep...sucks its not filmed on real sands like the first one.

  41. Maximum predator Slayer

    This is still the best superman movie

  42. Exodocian's Story


  43. kens guyrs

    My boyfriend and I are gonna see this movie

  44. Hubert Ozz

    Casting Will Smith as Deadshot was a mistake

  45. agnasa musik



    I can't wait for this.

  47. neubtuber

    One of the few great things about 2020.

  48. Lisa Johnson


  49. vokasi mid

    2:15 Those steel blue eyes let you know where home is. Thats my safe place

  50. The Avengers Fanatic

    We are getting closer to it's release 👀

  51. Marcos Sciencio


  52. HoneyChai

    Best Director of all time. Canadian gold.

  53. dannywuztaken


  54. Ricky Rackey

    Before the monkey and lizard brawled, we had this masterpiece that topped them all

  55. Jocelyn T. Batan

    Hoooooooooooo its butiful

  56. Nishanthi Perera

    can people stop twerking?

  57. Daniel Victor S.Santos


  58. Rodolfo Gallardo

    Do you understand Joss Whedon’s Justice League its a Crap??!! Cease and desist to promote something no one wants... or care... Greetings from Chile BTW #restoretheSnyderverse 👊🏼

  59. NWSNAT3

    Jesus fucking Christ these movies have gotten worse and worse after the first one

  60. GregOrCreg

    There's a lot of good stuff here, but it's all ruined by Jesse Eisenberg.

  61. Matheus Araújo


  62. Tom Beck

    Stupid democrat shit

  63. Csar Cordero


  64. BrainsAndBeauty

    I enjoyed the casting of this movie; to replace Duvall and Nicholson in a believable way without CGI was a challenge and it was accomplished!

  65. X_Five Legion

    I really hope this is the real deal.

  66. Obed Barajas

    Yo I loved that movie keep up da good work 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  67. Mythic Ultra


  68. Namjoon's Left Tiddie

    The only movie in which I new majority of the cast before even watching it-

  69. robert williams

    Bet R-KELLY Will not be in this one wish he could FLYYYY!!!! 😆

  70. claus


  71. Its Eli

    I just finished the movie from end to the beginning.

  72. Yi Zhe Tan

    i have the movie tie in novel and i keep rereading it. i have also watched the movie over a dozen times

  73. Julien The great


  74. Belladonna_ Ivy07

    -Put your headphones on -play this trailer (soundtrack is dope) -start running as the trailer plays and jump a few times the beat drops -you’ll thank me later TwT

  75. Isaac Mulisa

    im your 665,565 like

  76. Orcaluv26

    Trailer: We need Kong. Movie: Kong needs us...and Godzilla

  77. Isaac Mulisa

    im your 328,045 like

  78. Hebert Ferraz


  79. Olivier Gaudreault


    1. MogeGoji_1995

      Man really said 11, come on. It’s Maddison Russell

    2. Marco Piolo Lavaro

      Because she is part of the movie and her role is not Eleven.

    3. Utkarsh SINGH

      1. Who on earth is eleven? 2. If you are referring to millie bobby brown I hope you know that she also acts in godzilla movies 3. This video is not an ad