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    Camera man also running faster then surya anna

  2. Thimas Chathuka


  3. SK KaRtHi


  4. jeevanath jeeva

    எங்க தலைவன் எப்பவுமே வெற லெவல்🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Sivakumar S

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ freadem

  6. Famous Star

    चलो देखते यहा कितने लोगो हिन्दी आती है?? *सिर्फ हिन्दी समजने वाले like करो* _India मे हो तो like तो बनता है_

  7. sugumar physics

    Train mariyal scene ku sariyana justification scene 😭😭 sema apt ah irunthurukum

  8. dr. chrommental

    Surya ❤

  9. Pasu Pathi

    All is Emotion full....Every character affect to my mind.bommi & maaraa ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Dream World Works

  11. Dream World Works

  12. Unni Krishnan


  13. Unni Krishnan


  14. Abdul Rafeeq

    All scenes are good appadiye smoke scene viduga please

  15. Praneeth K

    One of the most underrated movies!

  16. life is beautiful

    Negative not even avarage but its super hit movie?

  17. Mukthar Firthu

    Anyone here in 2021???

  18. Rohan eladi

    The way surya sir acted its like he's made for this role...🥰🥰🥰next level acting by surya sir

  19. Shakeel Shakeel


  20. Rahul Suriya

    Loved it.. Why this scene has been deleted..😢😢

  21. Rahul Suriya

    Super scene 🔥😍❤️

  22. Bugs Bunny

    this scean must be deleted because of bommi having airpods

  23. Bugs Bunny

    why she having air pods🤣

  24. Sylvester

    சூர்யா ஒரு சிறந்த நடிகர். மிகவும் அழகான மற்றும் திறமையான மனிதன்.

  25. Kaviarasu R

    1:52 music 🎶🔥 🎧 Vera level 😍🤩🔥

  26. Dark Tannu YT

    Bug of that ❤️Ending bgm

  27. Pratic M

    This scene should have been there in the movie, this gives more emphasis on why Maara started protesting and thought that his father's way of fighting for their rights was not helpful and started believing in his own way

  28. Karthikeyan K

    We want smoking Scene

  29. Karthikeyan K

    1m loading

  30. Karthikeyan K


  31. Karthikeyan K


  32. bichuz_ cutz


  33. bichuz_ cutz


  34. Allen Allen


  35. Ameer Raffi

    He deserves Oscar award

  36. Inthujan Kulasingam

    Boring movie

  37. Josephine Theresa

    பெருந்தலைவர் காமராஜ் போல் இன்னொருவர் பிறந்து வரப்போவதில்லை.

  38. Alphonsa Jose

    Che looks so handsome 😘😘😘

  39. K Prasannaa

    nama focus lam andha air hostess mela dhaan...

  40. Kali Muthu

    It is so emotional scene y not added this scene

  41. Ram Baba

    Mokka padam da saamy

    1. Ram Baba

      Mokka padathukku support veraiya. Drishyam 2 pathavathu thirunthungada

    2. Akilan Mir

      Ne moodu da punda

  42. Jeeva R

    மதுரை உன்ன விட்டு போகலமா.....🔥🔥🔥

  43. Ajay Tamil

    I want the smoke scene

  44. Muralidharan Murali


  45. Sabari nathan

    PAmost is recommending after 4 years😂

  46. Ikram Mohammed

    Vera level 💯👌🔥♥😍

  47. Ikram Mohammed

    Vera level 💯👌🔥♥

  48. Ikram Mohammed

    Vera level 💯

  49. Harithas

    Once again Watching in 2021🔥



  51. Status Tech 3.0

    Surya fans like 👇here

  52. abdul rahman

    Gerix Tech - PAmost copied by

  53. Padmanaban MRP

    Seems like Maara has sister/brother. Uruvasyi was pregnant in delete scene has some emotional connect with story related to train station in Sholavandan.

  54. Selvakumar Raja

    Thumbnail change pannunga pa, Ethachum Closeup still vainga

  55. K. Iniyan

    Why was this scene deleted?

  56. Hari Ram

    Smoking scene pls..

  57. Yaswanth Music

    Please support my you tube channel

  58. Yaswanth Music

    Name Yaswanth music

  59. Shan kar

    2d and surya just kill the theatre experience of this massive film. Sucks! Pity for Sudha Mam

  60. Elangaivendhan24 vpm


  61. Diego Hodi


  62. suriya gallery

    Suriya annan uyir


    இங்கு எதுவும் ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட மக்கள் பயன் படுத்த வேண்டும் மற்றவர் யாரும் நினைத்து கூட பார்க்க கூடாது என்ற நிலை உடைத்து ஏறிய வேண்டும் அது தான் உண்மையான சமூக சமநிலை என்று பொருள்படும்

  64. Shrinivas Hadpad


  65. Marvalous Edits007

    கண்டா வரச்சொல்லுங்க Raina version😭 video link👇

  66. S Sanjay

    Pls upload

  67. S Sanjay

    Smoking scence

  68. Dinesh Kumar


    Idhula enna solla varaanga?

  70. Restricted Gamer

    If no scenes were deleted this is the longest movie in tamil lol 😹





  73. Md. Suhan

    What is movie name please give me my sms answer soonly please

  74. Steve Rogers


  75. Yuva V

    One of the best movie of Singam

  76. wall painting 106


  77. Food Explorers

  78. Food Explorers

  79. India Ambience 4K

    Wow...can't beleive why they delete this scene. Surya mass ❤️

  80. Gokul

    1:02 this scene also wanted in the movie