Vikramjit Singh is a Stand Up Comedian and writer. An ex-advertising guy, he’s now a busy performer at leading comedy rooms and corporate boardrooms across the country.
He has taken to PAmost, because what else do you do with high-speed internet?
For bookings: [email protected]
Insta: @vikram.jit.singh
Twitter: @vikramjit_S

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  1. Ashley Shaji

    I am an Indian but this is not how you should treat anyone

  2. 03 Pavan Barot

    It's true that no one is stand to listen man... If they are really alone and depressed ...we are taking it like comedy but deep inside we all know it's seriousness 😆😅😄😄🤣😊

  3. Bhavesh Thakker

    I like your videos but this one is chutya

  4. Muhammad Soleja

    Bhai jis auto Se tu chalraha tha, ek baar usse puchleta kahin tu Delhi ka to nahi hai.

  5. Deepak Kant

    Kitne saal intezar kiya maine tumhara 🙌🏼

  6. nava neethan

    At least we stand for traffic lights you idiots😂😂😂😂😂....

  7. Annpurna Mehta

    A bit crush ...nd whn he said he is from Jaipur...nd m like seriously..also from Jaipur

  8. Rahul Shankar V.L

    I just came here to read comments

  9. a little coding


  10. pragyan saikia

    😂 😂 😂 😂 💯 💯

  11. Insalubrious Dithyramb

    Finally the kind of comedy I need. Lol.

  12. Kiran Bulchandani

    Really enjoyed it, you say it all the way it is and yet so funnily. Thanks for giving us content from our lives with meaning. Will look forward to seeing/hearing a lot more from you. All the best 👍

  13. Maha Mahajan

    Ashutosh Rana with Pagdi.

  14. Navjot Singh

    Bhaiya You look very good😊

  15. SMunit Verma

    Bhai kyun le rahe ho

  16. Amit Mishra


  17. smartvish04

    Flip side you all wonderful comic wale rendering comic artists in bollywood jobless😂😂,

  18. smartvish04

    This is beauty of collab. Came here on ur channel from pant the TAKLA show😂😂😂

  19. smartvish04

    Mast Bhai.....

  20. Manik Mahajan

    Epic Lit Best 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

  21. Yupu Vyas

    Bro u r next level

  22. ricky martin


  23. ricky martin

    Sardar Sar Dard..

  24. Spoken English

    No words dear. You are exceptionally intelligent.

  25. Pragati Baheti

    You are awesome , superb content..! Wishes to you....

  26. pragyan saikia

    😂 😂 👏👏

  27. pragyan saikia

    😂 😂 👏👏

  28. pragyan saikia

    😂 😂 😂

  29. pragyan saikia

    😂 😂 😂 💯

  30. pragyan saikia

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 💯 👏👏

  31. Sid 999

    Kuch logon ne yaha... Veg shawarma bhi bana diya hai.. 🤦‍♂️

  32. Adwitiya S J

    Maza aaya😀

    1. Vikramjit Singh


  33. MHG !

    Paaji luv from Pakistan

    1. Vikramjit Singh

      Thank you bhai:)

  34. Taj Basha

    Loved your video. Ended up sharing it with frnds.

    1. Vikramjit Singh

      Thank you:)

  35. Kartik Nikam

    Same paji same

  36. Jaskaran Singh

    Purchased your show ticket for tomorrow, All the best cheers bro🍻

  37. Priyanka

  38. VJ

    There are a ton of Panju's in Chennai. One of the famous sardar being the owner of cozee restaurant in Besent Nagar.

  39. EAamir Faruq

    Hahahaa! Whoa! That was brilliant. Fan fan fan

  40. Nazalfar Hussain

    Great 👍

  41. Navjot Singh

    Bhaiya I am really big fan of u. You are the best comedian☺️. Please do a show in Pune

  42. Mayank MotoWorld

    Hilarious... ;😊☺ ;) 👌👍

  43. VEER VG

    Witty comedy.. Loved it

  44. Real OG


  45. SinghChef

    Amazing as always paahji

  46. Nikhil Acharya

    Bai panipuri wala

  47. Nisha Sachdev

    Luv u bro


  49. Gautam Jha

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  50. Shantanu Gupta

    Lmao i am from Ghaziabad

  51. Kartik Nikam

    Tumhari gym me ladkiya atti he



  53. debdut roy

    U R Genius.

  54. Kartik Nikam

    Delhi's orignal name is indraprastha

  55. Abhishek Saxena

    Your comedy is like Rang de basanti of youtube. No vulgarity, no politics, no insult to anyone...still Highly Enjoyable. 👌

  56. Karaan M

    My first standup show was yours back in 2015, following you since then and always enjoyed the content. Thank you for the laughs 😊

  57. dipankar nath

    Hahahahaha! Toooo good paji ! This is so me 🤣🤣🤣

  58. Mr Universe

    Bhaiya ji maa chod diye aap

  59. Máłîķ Ařhåm ÏŔFĀŇ

    Your voice same like talwar

  60. Harpreet Singh

    Sooo good man ! i am comic too. Brilliant writing


    Men can't express their emotions...society forced them to do so..


    Sir jii aap stereotype krte ho Kuch cheezon ko n kvi kvi exaggerate vi...baaki u r doing good...

  63. Naman Dubey

    Paaji kaafi din baad hasa mai, thanks🙂

  64. Eqta Thadani

    Imagination painter ki strong hai ya ghodon ki😄😄

  65. Shèela Sharma

    This needs to be viral . Enjoyed every second of video .

  66. Dhing dhong

    Kaafi aacha hagga

  67. satyam dubey


  68. Aishwarya Arak

    Best and relatable stand up I've ever seen

  69. Vikki Singh

    After lockdown this is the best stand-up video on PAmost Really appreciated

  70. Hussain Botad

    laptop terha kr k yeh scooter nahi hai

  71. Satyam Raj

    Bhai future bohot bright hai apka find your sunglasses🙏

  72. Satyam Raj

    Are bhai 😂 💙🙏

  73. Hussain Botad

    totally relatable

  74. Kajal bisht

    Your voice is addictive ♥️

  75. Vishnu Gupta

    Found another comedian after Amit tondon who creates Humour out of daily life practices without any 👍abuse

  76. sachin singh


  77. Kunal Mahajan

    I just happen to land on this video. Just wanted to say... Amazing 💜💜 Finding Humor in that Transition of Lifestyle was just Amazing 💜💜

  78. Hamid Shaikh

    Wonderful Paaji..... 💯💯

  79. Bharatji Odedra


  80. Bharatji Odedra