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The Giant

The Giant

oh word?

oh word?


  1. birk simon

    Sorry dillan, but no wittnesses

  2. Gedeon Nunes


  3. Renee Mujica

    I'm so sorry man. You are truly strong and one of the funniest people on this website. You have inspired me to keep going strong, thank you so much.

  4. boiledelephant

    Hey is that a Rode mic?

  5. Bewildered Bodhisattva

    This video will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  6. bruh moment

    is this true?

  7. R N Jesus

    I had a buddy that would chronically get involved with pyramid schemes. He’d talk at me as long as I’d sit and take it. He called me one day right as I was about to go into the bank, and I left the phone sitting face down on the seat while I went into the bank. 5-10 minutes later I came out and he was still talking. This was a 7.2/10 representation of that man.

  8. Bhavandeep Singh

    00:49.. his left nipple lol

  9. Mr pumpkin 🎃

    It's like seth rogen is telling you to shut up 🤣

  10. redbycarter

    What the hells a public enema


    It's terrifying how many sheep are wearing masks in the background.

  12. Carlie Flowers

    How is it that every video you make is basically a home run? Not only are they hilarious but they are relatable and the title always gets you perfectly interested. I cannot stop watching your stuff lol

  13. John_Pinkerton

    The beginning was pretty funny for me cuz I work at an elementary school and was asked that very question when I was walking back into the building one day. "Are you cold?!?!?!"

  14. ChickenRieder

    When I'm watching a movie with my parents I check IMDB Parents guide to find if it has any sex scenes. That way I can go to the bathroom when things start getting too steamy and avoid the awkardness of watching it all. Some Parents guide that is.

  15. Philosophy Of Élivágar

    I wish he had one interview where he got the job and was asked to sign his name, or maybe the receptionist asks "and how do you spell that?" lol

  16. Argos_RB

    In all of these videos I’m always like: “ha! I have a friend like that”. But I think... I think I’M Caleb

  17. Michel Chartrand

    This looks like a fever dream one might have falling asleep in the emergency room near the vending machine.

  18. ChickenRieder

    Would $2 be ok with you? Ok, how about $2,2, hotshot?

  19. Zachary Tabingo

    Ah yes. The titular band: Adam and the Levines

  20. strange lee

    Dillon had it coming.

  21. d g f s

    the breathing in the beginning, did you notice

  22. Hans Yolo

    Cheating is a horrible thing.... but not as bad as making cereal on a plate.

  23. Jennijaneajia

    JOEL! CONGRATS ON 600,000k Subscribers! You deserve it ❤

  24. Chrome Pwny

    most hilarious tutorial video ever!

  25. Hillary Anne

    Guys....he’s doing great!

  26. bob bob

    Oh I get it, "I was saving [my virginity] for you." great comedy you guys have!


    Top 10 biggest plot twists of all time

  28. Čudna Biljka

    thank you for existing and making content for us to enjoy

  29. j7ndominica0

    These serving sizes seem to be taken as absolute truths way too often. I see a diet expert dividing half a kilogram of ground meat into multiple "meals". I interpret that the amounts are a components of a multi-course meal. If I want to make it simple and just have meat, then I need several times more. I also find it strange that Americans measure non liquid foods in "cups". Are you supposed to squeeze ice cream into a cup to fill it? What about vegetables also in cups? Shredded cabbage or carrot come out of a grinder with air. How much are they supposed to be compressed to fill a cup?

  30. Escape Velocity

    the fucking dressing in this one is amazing

  31. punchflare

    You are a fucking genius Joel

  32. Cheese Boy

    Shaun of the Dead had a bit like this, Nick was calling them zombies and Simon kept going "They're not zombies! We're not calling them zombies!"

  33. la-ballade

    funniest video yet! keep em comin!

  34. Nopperabou

    Oh God.

  35. Dane G

    Proof that Steve Jobs is an incarnate entity that will outlive us all

  36. Escape Velocity

    commenting for interaction to help the algorythm, this shit is gold

  37. The Demon God Valos

    Why fembois exist

  38. XfStef

    Nooooope! Chuck Testa!

  39. Yhowbyjytub310

    Had someone tell me Portal would make me violent cause they googled it, and it's classified as an FPS

  40. 05r

    Why does joel have grey hair? Isn't he 24?

  41. jambalaya jones

    I've watched this multiple times today and showed it to my mum and it's only getting better

  42. Big Smoke

    You earned my dungo

  43. Alexander Wilm

    this is hilariously amazing. Had me in tears xD love your work!

  44. Dane G

    The bullet casings are bigger than Marshall's gun - can you imagine the recoil on that thing?

  45. Marbls

    You can tell Dylan brought his A-Game. What a shame.

  46. Patrick Lofstrom

    Expectation: Hollywood makeover scene Reality: Benjamin

  47. Maric

    lol since i adblock everything to the highest level this is just ... normal?

  48. Bacon Lover

    Accidentally helped the bbeg....thats. Genius storytelling 😂

  49. TheXKing 360

    oh god ._.

  50. Ig_needs_a_wig

    A murder most foul...

  51. Cara Stokes

    This was utterly terrifying to watch at 8:30am

  52. MrDumbeldore1000

    Dude, super nice of you to actually show how you do it instead of being like "I DID THIS, THIS IS MINE NOW"

  53. MrDumbeldore1000

    Dude, super nice of you to actually show how you do it instead of being like "I DID THIS, THIS IS MINE NOW"

  54. Cisco Regalado


  55. Genevieve

    Someone watched _Brief Encounter_ once 😂😂

  56. Rodmorg

    For some reason, I love this guy's voice

  57. Raspian Kiado

    Hand canons?

  58. Harry Skeggs

    one dislike :(

  59. Ruggeri Jonathan

    nice, i was nearly right =D

  60. Benjamin Guthrie

    Why is Jeff going by Patrick now? I'm so sad their dynamic has fallen apart

  61. Oscar

    I havent laughed this much from watching a PAmost vid in a long time!

  62. Matt Ellis

    Wishing you the best man.

  63. Ophelia

    Lol I relate so much to constantly looking at the other person to watch their reactions 😂

  64. Anthony Reynolds

    Everytime I play a new RPG I say the baldurs Gate sound bite "ONWARD!" in my head. Its now been changed to HUZZAAAHHHHH!

  65. Peeb


  66. Austin Wesson

    Huh thats weird. Why would Jeff Bezos have watched this 8k times?

  67. poiu pork

    Joel Haver Requiem

  68. MudanTV

    Thank you for giving me a glimpse to a normal family life. Will play this on a nightly basis to fill any empty holes

  69. C.U.N.Tahiti

    Why are they about to go to bed in full daylight?

  70. lols luls

    The little character break makes it more funny

  71. Brandon Smith

    Threw Joel off, then John Lennon's brother. RIP 2021

  72. yogurtovsky

    I can't believe Joel is fucking dead.

  73. Engineer Gaming

    The Last of Us has one of the best ones, "Runners, Stalkers, Clickers, Bloaters, Shamblers" each correlating to a stage of infection.

  74. NewPancakeMan

    Guys don’t tell Joel I’m here, but I don’t think Jeff Bezos can get there faster than the FBI

  75. Lorenz

    This would have been so sweet if it had ended in a hug

  76. JimmyCakeSon

    Wtf :v

  77. Elian

    Noooo. Joel!!! Why!!! Why would you do this to him you monster!!

  78. Inky Splats

    Lmfao you did me dirty XD

  79. Blake

    What is this size? Is this for ants!?!