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  1. Yousef Hajhussein

    Say: its only a matter of time before i smack a chicken

  2. Martin Calvo

    How did this not say *bewbs* at all? My disappointment is unmeasurable and my day is ruined

  3. Kris Holland Doyle

    You were joking about 5 bloods being a good movie though right??

  4. YeeSoest

    Maybe I appreciate the Riley Reid line a bit more than I should but I mean, you could have wrongly picked a name of someone who does a lot of work on her knees or standing up but no way, you guys know your stuff ;)

  5. Don Con

    Robby the robot from Forbidden Planet

  6. IanPeon

    Still haven't seen that "Transformers: The Movie" Honest Trailer... Then say: "Me Grimlock kick butt!"

  7. hyperashley13

    That pooping in front of your enemies comment, comedy gold 😂😂😂

  8. C sum

    Lrrr: Why doesn't the larger city not simply eat the smaller city? Peter jackson: *directs furiously*

  9. Noah Ogbu


  10. Waluigi

    I’m sad Soul was snubbed

  11. Jimmy Woo

    You know I never thought of the fact they couldve just blamed Joker for all the deaths.

  12. Chris Heckert

    This trailer didn't mention "Have fun storming the castle!" I have to thumbs down!

  13. mymealias

    Riz ahmed isnt the first Muslim to be nominated.

  14. Chris Heckert

    I always pretended someone killed my father so I could go out for revenge.

  15. First Name Last Name

    "A hardy band from California who's determined to get outta the chicken sexin' business." 🤣

  16. First Name Last Name

    I haven't heard of a single one of those damn movies...


    tfs goku: I NEVER WENT TO SCHOOL !! also tfs goku: this is even worse than high school i was bullied i couldnt get chi chi to like me and piccolo rulled my life

  18. Ebi Toro

    I clapped at that last rant

  19. I Was NEVER Here

    You forgot to put Tenet in the mix. The most mind fucking mix of time ever put in a movie.

  20. Reddy to play

    1:52 never changed Hollywood never changed lol

  21. Person 5630

    the characters were so bland that the part where they made joke names had just about nothing

  22. Sean Green

    these movies do suck, but would be great on MST3K lol

  23. CEB Said

    Hey contracts are pretty sexy, any lawyer will tell you. Especially legal eagle

  24. BlackShy Guy

    captain america : fraternity years

  25. Prudence Ray

    Can someone explain the awww snap joke to me.

  26. Israel Álvarez

    Brokeback mountain please !!!!!!!!! 🙏🏻

  27. VadersBlade

    Hands down the best Honest Trailer in years.

  28. trev

    It wasn’t “good” but I respect it

  29. Patrick C

    Wordt movie ending ever. 100% unbelievable.

  30. CEB Said

    Do we need more nerds on acid?

  31. Evan Goodman

    Also what's up with picard dating younger women

  32. PTG

    Okay, the plot was stupid, but darn if the fights weren't cool

  33. coletrain644

    Smokin' Aces is fucking amazing

  34. Pole Tooke

    Which movie is the one with the I see dead people that I clicked this video expecting? Lol

  35. Nina Brown

    "nobody ever stays dead in the marvel universe" cries in endgame 😭I miss Tony and Nat so much...

  36. Joshua Waldorf

    Do one with 30 Minutes or Less.

  37. shiawasekappukekiful

    Twitter didn’t target Screen Junkies because they only pick off targets they think are crushable, They’re cowardly predators

  38. Rich O

    I preferred The Losers

  39. David Ray

    Honestly even before 2020, I've stopped caring about what the Oscars had to say. ALSO HAS ANYBODY EVER HEARD OF ANY OF THESE MOVIES?!?!?!?!?

  40. filmbuff77

    Okay I love honest trailers a lot but making that joke about "mentally unstable actress margo kidder" is a little messed up and crosses a line

  41. Jose Villagomez

    And the guy from succession doing an impression of Cheech and Chong at the same time 😆 😂

  42. •yuri•

    *"stretched out my little pony"* got me there 😂😂

  43. sabrina


  44. princessthyemis

    This trailer look SO much work to put together! Good job!

  45. FryFry467

    Screen junkies predicted Biden lol

  46. Jacke e-is-silent

    And that's my Oscars watching done for the year!

  47. GeekWriter

    I haven't watched any of these...also...I have no desire to watch any of these. Thank you Screen Junkies, for doing the dirty work of watching these boring movies so we don't have to!

  48. Taylor Allen

    Oscar's suck

  49. Dan Castro

    Both are good but Superman The Movie will always be my all time favorite movie. A true classic

  50. WorldMind


  51. Casey Neil

    😂 I am so [expletive] sick of activism in movies. Jesus... Can we just make good movies again or is that too offensive? I don't know anyone who has a favorite movie that was made after 2016.

  52. Dan Castro

    De Vito was good but I look forward to seeing Colin Ferrell's take

  53. Dan Castro

    I like this movie. To hell with the haters

  54. gmonay2k

    Is money plane a riff on Rat Race?

  55. personM4N

    Doing the quotes at the end of the video in Jason Statham's voice was a nice added touch!...

  56. Stephen Kam

    Please do The X-Files!

  57. Danny Archer

    Batman thumbs down for pronouncing GIF with a hard g.

  58. Scott Savage


  59. Catherine Lawson

    I love Leathal Weapon!!!! I watch all the movies since I was 4 .... my parents had them on vcr.

  60. JA Adkins

    I cackle every time at this

  61. jeanferdi

    I wanna know how Wes Anderson and Michael Bay collaborated movie would look.

  62. TheRoland19111

    Draco > Rava

  63. Josh Turner

    This is the closest I've ever come to watching the Oscar's. Thanks

  64. KiLLED5639

    cheetah over catwoman any day

  65. Mirage Sterling

    Solving problems with GUNS. I already like it.

  66. Clinton Opone

    0:18 I renounce my wish! 😰 Kills me Everytime

  67. Freed Thinker

    Im Glad yall Caught tht universal studio Reference, I mean we all watched it a Million + times on double Dare Growing up

  68. Pole Tooke

    Friend hole 😂

  69. Isai Gonzalez

    More people watched the Honest Trailer than the movie

  70. Simon18B

    The last two movies were better then this movie. It was poorly done.

  71. mzf 11125

    This is bettter than the new one

  72. Stale Ravioli

    I like that Finn didn't get any sort of ex-stormtrooper arc in 3 blockbuster films, but Mayfield only needed like 5 minutes of a Mandalorian episode to complete an entire arc

  73. Vindawg

    0:51 it’s absolutely hilarious that Sacha Baron Cohen got an Oscar nomination.

  74. artemus ward

    What a depressing line up. We could use a little levity, doncha think?

  75. Abjo


  76. Abjo


  77. Abjo

    Please do wandavision

  78. Abjo

    Do wandavision honest trailer

  79. Abjo

    Need Wandavision honest trailer

  80. Claire Bear

    ‘Now that director Tom Hooper has won his Oscar, Satan has returned to claim his half of the deal.’ 😂 😂