Houston's own real H-Town Hottie! Young Tina Snow. LISTEN to Savage here: theestallion.me/savage

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  1. Antonio Sotaka

    The intro got me thinking what if my mom was next to me

  2. hanna anne

    OPP by Naughty by Nature ! haha love it

  3. Leonard Santos

    She really said: wear your masks - but differently

  4. Sanquinet Wright

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 my favorite and movie is the best ones on the album

  5. abbsnn cose

    everyone in the comments hating must not realize that they giving her a bag by streaming. lmao

  6. gift from Virgo

    If we took a trip on a real Creep tip!🔥🔥

  7. Kiyah Mays

    THIS WAS FORE MEGAN YASS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

  8. Michele Belle


  9. Bec Taddeo

    “It’s 2020, I ain’t finna argue bout twerking” she said what she said

  10. Unknown

    do y'all call this rap?

  11. Grey Fearon

    She doesn't deserve this beat

  12. Felipe Munoz

    Sexualizing woman of all ages..

  13. timucin kose

    This is straight garbo

  14. lorma goonbus

    Freaky girls video next then crybaby!

  15. gen jimenez


  16. Joseph Stynes


  17. UK Rep

    I love the fact that Megan's body is natural, unlike most of these other female rappers!

  18. Sanquinet Wright

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 my favorite song on the album

  19. Caryn Koh

    oooooo that cellulite spoilt my appetite.. bodyaydeyaydeyaydeyadeyadeyade... yucks... sorry....

  20. April Chavez


  21. dead motherfucker

    damn she had potential

  22. KidCannabis

    nigga first u do boyz n the hood tf is this bs now ??

    1. abbsnn cose

      Oh so her and tory got rap beef now? Lmao i thought tory was just telling his side of the story i never felt like he dissed her but oh well welcome to 2020

  23. loveischerrypie

    Most annoying song of 2020 and I’m here for it !!!

  24. Minxy Muffin


  25. mai


  26. Lee Davis


  27. CheetahhOfficialVEVO

    Tf is this? 🤷🏻‍♂️ kmt!

  28. Kalvin Shepherd


  29. rosetae 75

    Taraji i seee youuu girl

  30. Braylen

    every other rapper rlly lost to her... they really lost.

  31. David Winters

    I can see why she got shot. Annoying af


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  33. Cowel Benja

    That's a big dude

  34. Jarone Vance

    I went back to Tory lane album. This still doesn't hit as hard.

  35. Afroz

    Why is no one talking about the moaning 😭

  36. Kalvin Shepherd


  37. Afroz

    The moaning in the background 😭😭😭

  38. nasaniw

    Cool performance but what's the point of the 🎤 if you're lip syncing?

  39. Eryn Carmichael


  40. Jake Wagner

    Wear a diaper please

  41. Jackie Allen


  42. Codename Blazer

    Chyna is giving me Edward Scissorhands/Adam’s Family vibes 🔲🔳

  43. Hennessy Father

    this format reminds me of old school disney channel, 09-10

  44. Sean Torres

    How she gonna remix who shot ya when she was da one who got hit 😂

  45. Deatice Charles

    Nooooo girlll imma keep real wit u unlike these other Bitches I keep it real....pop songs are not your thing. Stay wit rap I love u I do but damn u was not lying when u said u couldn’t sing but applause for trying @megantheesallion

  46. Priyamvada Rao

    The graphics have a Stallion and a Bee

  47. Katsuki Bakugo

    My boyfriend: bruh nobody looks more perfect than you Me: *sees a pic of a megan* BRO LOOK AT HER BODY YADDY YADDY YADDY YADDY YADDY YADDY


    Taraji redeemed herself from Acrimony. Straight facts.

  49. Hector Ramirez

    naw bru i’m sorry but like this a beat that just can’t be remixed like who shot ya just too iconic to be touched

  50. Q S

    Everybody talkin about body ody ody ody ody but no one is talkin about nom nom nom 😔

  51. shavers clan

    I never thought I'd see taraji and meg In the same video and all the girls slayed ❤️🔥

  52. lesbabie


  53. Kalvin Shepherd

    Love this so sexy❤️

  54. Kalvin Shepherd

    Meg❤️ & the ladies BODIED👏👏 and video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Widows Husband

    Bruh this is super egotistical

  56. ashley loves food

    Its giving buy one get one free cashmere sweater at jcpenney

  57. gam3r 4life

    POV: you're looking for the comments that says bodydydydydydydydydy

  58. Alexxus Woah

    im getting ciara vibes

  59. Mad Freddie323

    👀 nobody saying anything about the Girl with no underwear 🤯!?

  60. Lorenzo Cecchetti

    nobody: Bruno Bucciarati: 1:30

  61. jai christina

    thought the blonde lady in the beginning was Nene 🧍🏽‍♀️

  62. Tamia Magang

    Ok aint nobody gonna talk about the moans 😂😂😂

  63. GamingLiyah


  64. senni bgon

    She slayed and taraji omg SHE ATE UP HER PARTS. I LOVE THIS SONG AND THE AMA’s version is even better

  65. Pramik Bista

    I just realized how nudity is being public slowly.

    1. senni bgon


  66. Pramik Bista

    Just like WAP , part 2.

  67. Outofthetime 666


  68. Pramik Bista

    I want this to be a song for doctors who does operations.

  69. Janyiah Williams

    If dababy was single Megan and dababy could go together

  70. KD TV

    SZA sounds great 👌

  71. Griman

    This is the person lil baby lost to? Blah blah bah bah i wont cry... like

    1. SummersWyd


  72. KD TV

    I like it 😊 Yaass

  73. can we get 10k subs with no videos?!

    May everyone who reads this reach there goals and dreams who like this 💞🙏

  74. Cecily Davis

    She got another 1

  75. TookYourSkittles

    At least there 2ft apart

  76. Super Gamer_girl

    Honestly it's the whole album for me. 🔥❄️