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  1. Zuzia T

    Marcin Dubiel jedynie mi się kojarzy z ta piosenka❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Lisa Brandy

    Am I the only one who saw Drake in mv👀

  3. Annisa Rahmah Manurung

    Seksi kali sayangku <3

  4. Phila Mlaba

    Mustafa on the pad 📝

  5. Beyllie_uwu

    "Pq tem 11M de 👎?" Sabe aquela musica chata q só passava nas escola nos carro Restaurante? Enfim..

  6. Hoon Oh

    Yo it seem like you seriously leveled up as a musician, a person, just as an whole. Much props and respect for all you been through. -Onee

  7. blu bxrry

    okay but like why

  8. CazualDave 42

    We can't change the things we did as a kid but we can change what we do with out fututes never forget where you came from because if you do you'll lose sight of yourself

  9. Zahra Brissett

    You won yes or no

  10. Zuzia T


  11. Jenna Rowe


  12. Artii R


  13. Valeria Rodríguez

    11 years🥺💜

  14. Jeric Sarcia

    Justin is better 😁

  15. julka k

    To mi się kojarzy z Dubielem! #teamdubiel ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ i love you Marcinnn

  16. Bruna49184

    Quando o Justin começa a cantar, arrepia lá dentro na gente! 😍❤️

  17. Темирбек Жалиев

    Зять🐈............. 😰😌сам сказал........ 🐈и у меня всё нормально 😡

  18. Azul Candela Sosa Fernández

    t amo

  19. veronica m

    i was surprised by how well justin sang. some of his best vocals for sure!

  20. F b

    Strem cold water for 1B

  21. Jhinny Lopéz


  22. Kismet Predica

    simplemente hermoso

  23. Jay Jay

    Bruh shut up with this healthy stuff that’s every comment 🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. Nic tu nie ma


  25. kiem dong

    I`am vietnam 🇻🇳

  26. Kingz

    JB looks like he’s back to enjoying the stage again🔥

  27. Vitoria Teixeira

    OMG! Justin 😭

  28. Pikachu Greninja

    You are good bro

  29. adrielly Azevedo

    Algum brasileiro 👇👇👇👇👇

  30. Miles Huang

    Does anyone come here for Shawn end up impressed by Justin like me?

  31. santosh gottamay

    very nice dong

  32. Edits De Famosos


  33. Nyck Teles

    Who is Marcin Dubiel and why is everyone talking about him?

  34. Juliana Monteiro

    Wow, just wow. This is brilliant. Their vocals are out of this world. Pure talent , my boys 💙

  35. purple brightstar

    Always loved your voice! 😊😊

  36. Aline Machado

    Keeps getting better

  37. adrielly Azevedo

    Cada vez mas chocando a gente 😢nossa qui emoção

  38. Pikachu Greninja

    This music is so emotional 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my support for you Jb

  39. ERYS

    Justin is that white boy who adds alil bit a soul in his walk💯

  40. &rics

    59 millions

  41. lisa m

    Bad song

  42. JustB00ssofk /

    Im soooooi proud of you Marcin Dubiel🌎❤️🌎

  43. KBR641

    No tight skinny jeans for Justin, grew up under the old hip hop generation.

  44. Keya Raval

    I still play this album every year.

  45. different all the time


  46. different all the time


  47. different all the time


  48. Leonardo DiCaprio

    If you’re listening in November 2020 you are a legend ‼️

  49. different all the time


  50. different all the time


  51. different all the time


  52. Mwas J Mwas

    Still watching this after 10yrs,who is with me?

  53. different all the time


  54. different all the time


  55. different all the time


  56. music fineline

    Hands down what a performance 🔥

  57. different all the time


  58. 14_Arpan Bansal

    The Weeknd's AMAS performance >>>> Justin Bieber's performance. Hit like if you agree.

  59. different all the time

    U will delete I will write

  60. Yazamean Wilson

    I love dis song 🥺💗

  61. Alessandra Guzman

    without auto tune is perfect!

  62. Valentaing

    2020, ¡y aquí estoy!💖

  63. Kevin Masaro

    fire yo

  64. Emilly Araújo


  65. Milena Machado

    Lindo amo janter

  66. ddd sss

    #teamMarcinDubiel WYGRAŁEŚ DZISIAJ I ZAWSZE :) <3

  67. Shambhavi Dubey


  68. Vimasha Ruvindi

    I'm so lonely. Justin in stage back. Lonely song is very very close to me. .. Justin,

  69. F0R3V3R T3N3N

    My little self loved me Justin and Nicki and Selena soooooo freaking MUCHHHH😭😭🥺🥺🥺🤍

  70. CAKES & ART

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  71. Dee lyna

    2020 anyone???

  72. TechX

    Idol ft Idol are Legends.

  73. Lucifer Morningstar

    Justin Bieber is so lonely after BTS comes 😂😂😂😂😂


    oh i'm so proud of justin ❤

  75. lord whis

    dislikes are the parentsXD

  76. Juno

    Can't wait to see him on his next tour..hopefully covid will be completely gone by then😞🙏🏻

  77. DiNoSaUr RoAr

    I love u Shawn ❤️ Your my insperation


    Dec 2020

  79. Ralte Fren

    this is the most 'american' music video i have ever watched

  80. Israeli Cohen

    Honestly. All of us need to learn the power of being quite, disconnect for while from our main thing. That's the power we get now