I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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  1. Internet Girl


  2. figet_2

    No longer contains swearing i guess

  3. Alec

    Come back to skyblock you are being voted president by the resistance with 200k votes

  4. Milind

    bro the mans thumbnails are on another level

  5. KrazyPBJ

    video idea: Minecraft but every minute I get a random item

  6. FatherApex Gaming

    4 years later and your almost there

  7. Matthias futterer

    Now he's at 69%

  8. james mcentire

    his best is 23

  9. Yuri

    I was wondering why Gabriel sounded a lot like Lee Everett from the walking dead. Its because both characters are voiced by Dave Fennoy

  10. Faithydoodle Studio

    This man's shoe game though

  11. Cookie Wookie

    Lol this man thinks positive 18 is cold

  12. Wolf

    I wonder if he still has all those tabs open to this day

  13. Tyv Ruth

    In all of the Technoblade videos I've seen, I've only see him die twice

  14. Preston Murphy

    New Face reveal?

  15. Jaxson Schram

    Uncle Iroh didn't die

  16. Witheeer

    can't believe my species was created only for chaos

  17. Kin Choong Yow

    Hlero lcm 2 onen mibocr kpee n lve rices eby menit n sepkie dice lvn tise

  18. Glitcheed


  19. Chad Cariño

    I use /gamemode 1 to gamemode creative

  20. Howard Chen


  21. Aidxn

    This seems legit enough


    i remember when i first watched this vid 2 years back, i didnt know technoblade and i also didnt knew what to make out of this video.....like..it is a joke or a serious thing

  23. Tschotty

    8:26 does that make bidoof.... John Wilkes Booth is that you?

  24. Nate Nason

    “it wasn’t working, but he was thinking” 💀💀💀

  25. Anith Karandagoda

    Hey Tech why don’t you watch a new animation called the hog hunt

  26. dadddynolddd z

    Well you're 69% the way there

  27. Kriptionite

    Techno will probably not see this but.... I’ll be honest, I don’t like your current videos. But I adore your old Skywars and Blitz videos, I’ve been watching you for 4 years and it feels so sad to see my childhood go away like this.

  28. Captain Kirk

    We do not deserve this

  29. Emmanuel Lagos

    he really started skybasing 😂

  30. Otto

    Nestorio the whole game: *I shot I him* *shot him* *I got him*

  31. RTWave

    nobody: technoblade screams in whisper:noooooo

  32. Andy

    How the turns have tabled

  33. Junniel Vacaro

    Can we just appreciate how big his green screen

  34. Aria Jermaine


  35. CasualMonkey34

    His voice

  36. Antonio H

    7:48 I like how mad people in the chat are because technoblade won a fight with kb.

  37. Clarence Domini C. Austria

    0:48 guys correct me if I'm wrong, but is that really quackity?

  38. 26 Pratyush Ranjan Dev

    Alternative title : Techno killing Karl for 12 mins straight

  39. Kin Choong Yow

    Skeps:loses infinite time's and wins once and celebrates and leaves

  40. miguel melo

    im 13 rn and im smart...

  41. Opiiate

    Aint nobody care about farming (queue the farming potatoes)

  42. KrazyPBJ

    One mistake could of made you lose it all

  43. I don't even know this person :P

    Gogy copied you.. sort of

  44. Practical Occultist

    That's scummy

  45. riski romadhon


  46. jacklepie113

    Imagine not having pig rank on hypixel, those you tuber rank people are bad

  47. Emma Grace

    This is super popular and it’s from six years ago :0

  48. eagle gamer

    lol pig

  49. Chicken Nugget

    Imagine a whole class of college students watching this video at the end of a lesson.

  50. Tatayy is cool

    “He who know the sand skin strat need not fear the result of a 100 seekers” Sun tzu the art of war

  51. Kalian Rani

    come on do something

  52. Perro Peludo

    ive been seeing the fkash on netflix and when i heard the intro i was like: nice

  53. Ender Fyre

    Behold: _technoblade's high-pitched voice_

  54. Genka ivanov

    Football is only popular in America.

  55. Vanity Lynn

    love the fact that his voice over matches his character’s movements when he says “oh right, $100,000.” LIKE LMFAO

  56. conthegreat


  57. Levi Atkins

    Techno got his voice in this vid, on March 5th he sounded like a little kid


    me all the time in the video listening to gaining exp and dragon roaring ! lol !

  59. Vp

    His voice changed so much its surprising 😪

  60. LeChoobie

    Techno can do more in 24 minutes with a wooden sword in a £15 game than I can do with £1 billion in real life

  61. povia Clark

    I have completed the survey

  62. Cledesol

    jokes on us techno never left "youtube limbo"

  63. Dark_Gravestone

    His voice jas changed so much LOL

  64. Why sad? Happy!

    2:23 *"Am I about to hit something?"* *"I'm actually not about to hit'* *AÊH*

  65. Spider Zyph

    That one person in TGTTOS Alright guys ima carry follow me ima brez bridge

  66. theHALObro 9622

    An icon and a god. Diamonds and blood combine!




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