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  1. Tasnim Shamim

    Guys m telling u if u r having problems in ur relationship please mat dekhna.. Coz isme khushi k aansu h yr.. Nd u will end up crying❤️

  2. Gøüŕ ťëćh

    great episode

  3. the truth of life

    I was like is it that much easy to take good selfies, then I realised Ray made a pout and in picture she is smiling, such a scam. DSLR pic . #notaperfectpictureinsingletake 😬

  4. Abhishek M C

    The episodes look more like a very long boring ad promoting all the sponsorers

  5. Medhavi Dhawan

    Even I want a boyfriend sme as Shaurya. Doesn't with sanya for any needs just love her truly. She can be herself with him and too comfortable around doesn't feel like he is checkup her out or give her dirty looks. He is just perfect actually both are perfect. I wish every boy be like Shaurya atleast every Indian boy then the world will look brighter safer. Great efforts dice media loved it

  6. komal dhanesha

    U guys🤩🤩🤩amazing yaarrr😍😍😍❤❤

  7. Medhavi Dhawan

    They are just perfect together. I love them and adorable. Best chemistry ever. Ayush and Barkha u both are sizzling together just Fabbbbbbbb

  8. rishabh jain

    Damn cute series it is...really loved it 💕

  9. Bishal Paul

    New Episode mangta hai public!!!

  10. Anand Kulkarni

    Season 3 kab aayega?

  11. Matured Kid

    That kidr Dalu me amaze......just fab ❤️

  12. Maddy Khan

    Nice web series. . Is this a last episode of this series

  13. mohee vinchu

    Its my birthday too today I mean for real

  14. ig_ riot

    Thanks to youtube from today im done with ads , PEACE OUT!!


    Will u stop irritating us with this stupid close up ads every time in every min

  16. Swatej Kale

    This Bali trip is far better than celebrities maldives trip.......................................

  17. Tanish Kesarwani

    This video was for fucking sponsers. I was so badly excited for this @dice media wtf was this. Cause of ayush and barkha I liked the otherwise I would have not!! 🙏

  18. Andrea Sebastian

    Absolutely loved the series😭❤️ gonna miss Shaurya and Sanya so much 🤧🤧🤧

  19. Minaz Lakhani

    Ayush and barkha i love u both u both look perfect with eact other make more series together 😘😘😘

  20. Khushi Gupta

    I watched 5mins of video and 7mins of ad😐

  21. Nik Patel

    Like the video

  22. Krishna khanna

    Pls bring 3rd season pls a humble request

  23. rohan umbarkar

    Both of them are awesome yarr plzz season 3

  24. rohan umbarkar

    Guys plzz yar season 3