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  1. anushreya shrivastava

    rhna vhi

    1. anushreya shrivastava

      sukh gya hoga kpra

  2. Alankar Jadhav

    Love you alll actors ❤❤❤

  3. Alankar Jadhav

    I like this show

  4. Priya Rai

    I'm a doctor and I also lost my lost of my childhood freinds in covid😢😭

  5. ý0üR prïnceßß khushi sharma

    oohooo😍 kc bhiya .....😁😁😁😁... CHARU ma'am pataa li ..... ❤❤ party to banti hai 😉😉😉😉 😂

  6. fhfddgh rgfds

    ❤️ sheeba. Natural actor

  7. Assamese Entertainment

    This is best web series in the world. We need season 3 ❤️❤️❤️


    11:03 mere sath hota h but fir bhe mai sala khush ho he jata hu 😂

  9. Pranav Tiwari

    I love this series ❤❤

  10. Satnaam Kalsi

    why u mentioned only doctors... ots all about alll working as a team... doctor, nurse , class 4, pharacists.... drs come n rte med... bit nurses kill thmselves for cares n administrating medicines.... all aorunt d clock

  11. NEET 2021

    KC bhai sabse nalayak character dikhaya hai. Jo 4 saal ek hi class mey rehne ke Baad bhi beshram kabhi depress nhi hota. Usse accha I found nishant's character Jo saccha inssan hai

  12. Pratik Kundra

    Hey😰💔😀😀😀. Last scene dekhr rula diya ❤️❤️❤️


    He said cheese chilly choast 🤣🤣

  14. Jyoti Goswami

    😢😢😢😢😢we want more episodes......

  15. Assamese Entertainment

    I am crying 😔😔

  16. RaJa Hassan

    KC vai we love u

  17. Veena Sharma

    can anyone tell me who is the father of nishant

  18. Zain Ali

    Ayush is love ❤️

  19. Rayan Kashyap

    Waiting for Season 3 ❤️

  20. Aj Bharat

    Lot of families have lost their loveing ones..

  21. Prachee Buragohain

    I couldn't stop crying😭❤

  22. Mohan Agrawal

    The series get one extra star only for KC bhai...superb acting and work !!

  23. Dolly Biswas

    Waiting for season 3

  24. Shah Nawaz

    When we will see second 3. Plz fatly gaive us. Waiting for season 3♥️♥️

  25. Shushant JEE

    Eagerly waiting for kota factory ❤️

  26. sushant wadikar

    This last episode took this season to a great emotional level salute to covid warriors😞❤️

  27. Habiba Binta Hasan

    best episodes ever..respect for all the Deans (front liners)<3

  28. Salman Khan

    This season was so realistic and emotional... Feeling bad that I would have to wait a year for next season 🧡

  29. Sarthak Nilangekar

    Don't stop making such content please....very helpful....

  30. Stable Equilibrium

    It was a motivational song for me❤️ best

  31. Afnan Qureshi

    this episode made me cry seriously 😢😢


    Love this series thank you dice media for this amazing series of mbbs ❤️☺️

  33. sumit


  34. Raj Sarkar

    Episode 6 ayaga aya nahi?

    1. Adithya Rajendran


  35. Ayush mule

    My name is also Ayush but i hate bio😂



  37. Sharvan Kaith

    Thank Uh doctors 💗

  38. Smoker 01

    Next episode kab aayega

  39. Ankita Saha

    Meri mamma aisi hi hain😌❤I'm lucky😌❤ I like this series, thnk u dice media😌❤

  40. Bhoomika Patel

    Love this music

  41. Mя sHaη KHAN

    Hardly waiting for S3.. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  42. Nisha Mission Ips Status

    The only PAmost who didn't lose his originality

  43. Ananya Jain

    Got goosebumps in the ending. 😭 My heart cried. ❤️ Amazing you guyz!

  44. Taseer Sherazi vlogs

    This Episode is amazing then others So Romantic anD CuteSt episode 🥰😍❤️💯💖